"If of all things thou becomes't bereft,
And naught but two loaves thou hast left;
Sell one; and with the dole,
Buy Hyacinths to feed the soul."
     — Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

     You will find listed here hundreds of vibrational remedies for healing and balance of body, psyche and spirit, and tools for inner transformation. We have been researching and testing these remedies for many years, and are confident that they do what they purport, when used appropriately and with discernment.

     Our intention in providing this information publicly is to expand the understanding of vibrational medicine in general, and flower essences in particular, in regards to their abilities in bringing balance to body, psyche and spirit. We hope to establish links with other pioneers in this field, and in a spirit of cooperation and mutual sharing, bring through and ground this new modality as a relevant aspect of the current planetary healing and transformation. With this spirit of intention, we will be assembling links to other relevant sites that support, acknowledge and/ or dovetail into our own work at this time. It is hoped this site will be useful in adding to the overall understanding of multi-dimensional health in general, and vibrational medicine in particular. If you have, or know of, a site that seems relevant to this work, please contact us with the information.

     This website consists of several parts. The major body of information is a posting of the current Hummingbird Remedies catalog and reference manual, with information for using vibrational remedies to assist healing and transformation on multidimensional levels. There is an introduction to this body of work, which may be especially useful for those new to vibrational medicine; and then alphabetical listings of flower essences, gem elixirs, combination formulas, and a few Angelic Energies.

    Supplementary information on this site will include a number of articles, mostly channeled via a team of spiritual guides and healing angels I have been working with for many years, exploring transformational healing from a multidimensional perspective. More articles will be posted intermittently; please check back occasionally to find new information. We will also have a section showcasing new and research remedies, still in the testing stage, and other miscellaneous yet relevant information.

     In over 15 years of working with vibrational remedies, and as chief alchemist for Hummingbird Remedies, I have co-created and amassed over 500 mother essences, most of them new to vibrational-medicine literature [see introduction] . We have also cooperated and co-created with several colleagues in testing and bringing through new remedies, and feel confident that this modality shows great promise, especially for healing the emotional body and creating shifts of consciousness necessary for greater transformation of ourselves, our communities, and our planet. It is this idea — healing the planet through healing and transformation of the human psyche and spirit — to which the intention of this site is dedicated.

     This is an information-only website; we do not sell remedies online. If you are interested in using these vibrational remedies, please contact us directly for further information on ordering.

     As much of this site consists of channeled information, we include in this introductory section a channeled message from the Angel of Overlighting Life on Earth, as expressed through the Philodendron Fairy, speaking to all who feel drawn to this work.

Yours in Service to the LIGHT,
Ouapiti Robintree

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