We ask you to tell the people that there are no walls between the kingdoms; that just as molecules move freely between types of matter, so consciousness flows freely between all living things. These include the rocks, mountains, trees and forests, lakes, hills and plains, and all things that live, grow and breathe upon them. This consciousness of the Oneness of All is the ultimate gift we would like to offer, that humans may cease to feel so alone in their universe. There is no need to Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence; it is all around you, and the subtlest and best instruments for picking up these signals already exist within the bodies of all living things. With conscious intent and a willingness to suspend your doubt and disbelief, you too can experience communion with all life forms, with Gaia, and the angels and devas who bless this holy communion.

     If any here feel called to this work, we ask you please to step forward into the healing work, which embraces all aspects of being from matter to consciousness and energy— for truly, these are all the same. It is only the density of vibration wherein the differences lie; and these are as notes in the song of Creation, a magnificent hymn that all participate in yet so few at this time truly understand.

     We of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms bless this work of returning humanity to the song of Creation, and ask that as you find your note, you learn to sing out well and truly; for it is a harmony that is sorely missed in God's holy choir.

     Join us wherever you are; speak to the plants on your windowsill, honor the gift of the greenness of your lawns as you mow them, marveling in the Great Give-Away that exists in all of Creation. Your universe is not static nor isolated; it is all a part of the breath of God, who is breathing you in every moment of your life. Join us: come celebrate your creation, and the connecting web of life that is the story of God's loving presence. All creation sings to the glory of God; so must you, in the fullness of your being, sing out your joy as the birds from the trees, in following the dharma of your own existence. We ask you again, and yet again: come join us. Make your presence known to us in loving appreciation; this act opens the portals for inter-kingdom communion, for which we all truly appreciate your part and presence. Join us! Garden, walk, sing, play, meditate in Nature; we are here for you, and for the healing and transformation of all sentient beings. Ya Fattah — open the portals and make it so.


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