Flower Essences: A

Air Plant Flower EssenceAIR PLANT [T] Bryophyllum x tubiflorum, syn. Kalanchoe tubiflora (coral)
Crassulaceae, Stonecrop Family
Aids assimilation of herbal nutrients.
Psyche: Dries up hysteria, ranting around issues that have been "buttons" to be pushed in the psyche. Detach; state preferences calmly and clearly without attitudinal uproar. Also for temper tantrums, young children.
Spirit: Helps focus concentration on spiritual practices without shutting out other levels of awareness and concentration: "chop wood, carry water" before and after enlightenment.

Aloe Saponaria Flower EssenceAloe saponaria [T] (coral-orange)
Liliaceae, Lily Family
Calms entire physical/bioenergetic system, emotional and astral bodies. Impacts etheric body, mends breaks in energy field.
Psyche: Eases stressful situations: interpersonal stress, frustration from poor communication. Smoothes irritability, discontent with self or others. Brings hope to situations that seem intolerable; increases forbearance, ability to endure people and situations that grate on the nerves. Releases scattered feelings to focus and concentrate on what is important now. Look for stress patterns of weeping, shaking, etc.; tendency to take stress out on the physical body in self-mutilation, addictive patterns.

Amaryllis Flower EssenceAMARYLLIS [T] Hippeastrum equestre (red)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Vitality. Impacts abdominal organs, especially pancreas; assists detox of appendix, tonsils; cleanses mucous lining of lower bowel. Detoxes energy body through clarifying and releasing disjointed energies. Empowers throat chakra.
Psyche: Stabilizes erratic behavior and energy levels; clarifies and balances the emotional body. Brings grace in movement, receptivity in communication.

Amazon Lily Flower EssenceAMAZON LILY [T] Eucharis grandiflora (white)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
For spiritual people having self-worth issues that impair the ability to manifest highest truth and beauty; shifts attention from flaws to miracles, from weakness to strength and grace.
Spirit: Unity and strength of spirit; purity, devotion. Helps keep focus on desire and intention for healing and service. Healers: take before beginning work, to clarify the aura. Combine with Rhodochiton, Lotus for clearing and grounding before working with others.
     When connected with one's purpose for incarnating, it is much easier to serve and heal.

Angel's Trumpet Flower EssenceANGEL'S TRUMPET [C] Datura candida (cream)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Assists communion with angelic realms for grounding visions into Earth plane. Opens clairvoyance, clairaudience; use in trance work for communicating with higher realms. Aids development of pineal-pituitary vortex as receiving station for higher messages. Be sure to ground the body and the information into this realm! Tendency to go out of body too much may be a problem; if so, take with Tobacco essence.

Anthurium Flower EssenceANTHURIUM [T] A. andraeanum (pink)
Araceae, Arum Family
Circulation, major veins and arteries of the heart; helpful for heart disease if not too far advanced. Useful in building red blood cells.
Psyche: Brings focus, humility, integrity from following discernment; inspires the will to avoid "mistakes." Encourages discernment regarding healthy relationships, avoiding those that pull one down into complicated emotional scenarios.

'Ape Flower Essence'APE (AH-pay) [ELEPHANT EAR] [T] Alocasia macrorrhiza (cream)
Araceae, Arum Family
Releases anxiety, fear of doing "wrong," not living up to others' expectations. Relieves stress around conflicts of ideals; one can feel, not merely think, what is best.
Spirit: Releases judgment and blame; useful in clearing early fundamentalist religious programming, authoritarian, patriarchal or judgment-based belief systems. Brings delight in simplicity, communion, connection to Spirit.

Artichoke Flower EssenceARTICHOKE [G] Cynara scolymus (purple)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Carduus Tribe]
Flexibility and grace. Powerful chakra amplifier; charges kundalini to push through blocks in a closed crown chakra.
Psyche: For those of a practical nature, perhaps manifesting as spiritual rigidity, who hold the body in such self-control that nothing gets through to connect the circuits. Takes the "lid" off the crown chakra, to let the pent-up spiritual force rush through; provides a euphoria not often encountered as they have been "working" so hard on their spiritual growth they have forgotten to relax, open up and have fun on the journey. Aligns spiritual and mental bodies to dissolve judgment blocks around evolution. Releases rigidity around spiritual concepts; allows one to let others have their own experience without judgment. Brings more humor, softening, graciousness in the quest, and easier access of dreams.
Spirit: Lightens intensity in spiritual purpose; desire and direction is still there, but one is having more fun with the process of evolution.

Arugula Flower EssenceARUGULA [G] Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa (yellow with brown stripes)
Brassicaceae, Mustard Family
Enhances expression of the purity of the Christ Light in chaos: hold fast to Light, simplicity, harmony; we become our own lighthouse beacons. Focuses will and concentration on Spirit and Light while serving in chaotic, spiritually disguised or depressed situations; allows the psyche to connect in with Soul, bringing Light to the heart. Helpful for those in spiritual responsibility, that they may not falter through their difficulties.

Asparagus Flower EssenceASPARAGUS [G] A. officinalis (greenish-yellow)
Liliaceae, Lily Family
Impacts solar plexus chakra.
Psyche: Clears unhealthy influences from the aura, psyche, mental body. Expands auric perception, to receive more clearly psychic/energetic information from another. Assists self-sovereignty, wise decisions: choose life, hope, joy; useful in depression, abandonment, abuse and fear thereof.
     Aids self-examination of spiritual sustenance, discernment, boundary/power issues. Releases subconscious detritus from the aura, including unexamined childhood fears and prejudices. Assists release of self from the grip of powerful presences: strong parental figures, power struggles in partnerships/relationships, etc. Softens edges of boundaries for more harmonious interactions with others.
     When feeling is conflicted between love and pain, hope and fear, joy and sorrow, this remedy clears projected obligations and psychic programming so that one may more easily grasp the higher option, thus release old patterning. Use in psychological self-examination to clarify goals and objectives, and to discern and support healthy relationships.

Ayahuasca Flower EssenceAYAHUASCA [C]Banisteriopsis caapi (white)
Malpighiaceae, Malpighia Family
Amazon vine used as entheogenic herbal drink in Yage or Daime ceremonies.
Body: Stimulates dialogue in the body for healing. Harmonic resonance in thymus; useful for diseases of immunological response and attitudes.
Psyche: Use with affirmation for communicating with body cells for changing disease, shining a laser beam of intention to become very aware. "Journey" into the body and psyche, to create a communication bridge; allows intention to pierce the cell nucleus, effecting transformation from within.
     Much of disease is denial; this remedy assists understanding what the body is trying to say.
Spirit: Opens pineal-pituitary circuitry to deepen telepathy between humans and animals, plants, elementals, angelic beings. Affects minor chakras between ears and temple for developing telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience.

Azalea Flower EssenceAZALEA [G] Rhododendron sp. (pink)
Ericaceae, Heather Family
Straightforward communication to express oneself in joy, sorrow or pain; attune with another so the words one chooses will be more easily heard. Opens the heart to release fears of being unable or unwilling to speak, of being vulnerable, of saying what is in the heart and having it be derided or denigrated. Filters communication through the heart chakra, to speak lovingly with power and will.

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