Flower Essences: B

Baby Sunrose Flower EssenceBABY SUNROSE [T] Aptenia cordifolia (red)
Aizoaceae, Carpetweed Family
Psyche: Initiates self-healing around wounded childhood; recognize safe environment and appropriate timing for healing work. Allows exposition, release of early childhood secrets and shaming, to clear and release childhood memories, rescue the inner child, and come to completion and healing regarding abuse, neglect, abandonment. Best option is to work with a trained therapist for help and useful tools.

Bachelor Button Flower EssenceBACHELOR BUTTON [G] Centaurea cyanus (blue, pink, purple, white)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Carduus Tribe]
Body: Enhances circulatory system; adds sparkle and creativity to the body.
Psyche: Peels layers off the emotional heart, to return to trust and innocence. Softens layers of emotional protection; aids capacity to receive love, affection from others. Dispels inappropriate distrust related to past stories.

Banana shrub Flower EssenceBANANA SHRUB [T] Michelia figo (cream with magenta margins)
Magnoliaceae, Magnolia Family
Psyche: Succor for weary hearts buffeted by karmic winds; creates a nest-like, nurturing zone for healing, opening to affection from angelic realms. Re-energizes the heart chakra, giving hope for wearying souls as they attempt to evolve past karmic difficulties.
Spirit: In nature, encourages devic contact; acknowledges interweaving of relationship between human and devic realms.
     For planetary healing: Knits together etheric energies over an area burned-over, clear-cut, or cleared for development. Add to water and pour over places healing is desired, with prayers for devic return and reharmonizing of elementals. Re-enlivens microorganismic activity in soil; add to compost. Ceremonially added to polluted flowing water, re-activates weakened devic forces. Water devas are to be called forth, invited to re-flourish and revitalize.

Bat Faced Cigar Flower EssenceBAT-FACED CIGAR FLOWER [T] Cuphea x neubertii (crimson & violet-black)
Lythraceae, Loosestrife Family
Body: Aids intestinal assimilation. Opens lungs for receiving oxygen; useful for asthma, especially in children and when related to psychosomatic distress.
Psyche: Enhances hope and joy, exuberance, optimism; use with Iris tenax to maintain stability and strength of focus in the face of negativity. Assists keeping on track with one's visions; helps keep these ideals and goals in focus and priority. Huge assist for significant change.
     Opens the psyche to innocence, joy, vitality. Helps release fears, issues of survival and soul-scarring from early childhood; nurturing to the inner child. An attitude adjustment for children in difficult family circumstances: assists unconscious restructuring in expectation of good flowing into one's life, as opposed to assumption there is nothing of joy.
     Useful for learning disabilities, to not so easily surrender to difficulty; enhances bright, curious, eager, enthusiastic qualities.

Bee balm Flower EssenceBEE BALM [G] Monarda didyma (red)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Body: Aids circulation, vigor, respiration; thymus, parathyroid glands. Brings healthy relaxation to those overpowering in their work.
Psyche: Inspires fire, spark, inspiration, drive; potent effort. Useful to ignite will, clear psychological congestion; aids right use of power to assist others' growth and transformation. Brings positivity of will, magnetic good nature, joy; manifesting all good things. Enhances leadership abilities; vigorous application of metamorphic tools and skills.
Spirit: Keep your eyes on the prize, never forget why you are here: to learn, grow, transform, transmute, and excite the molecules of consciousness in your fellow humans for group transformation.

Blue-eyed Grass Flower EssenceBLUE-EYED GRASS [W] Sisyrinchium bellum (blue-violet)
Iridaceae, Iris Family
Psyche: Assists separation of self from another's self-destructive behavior; ideal in blends to transform unhappy relationships. Releases karmic entanglements and romantic images of "saving" people, that as they choose to "crash and burn," we may pull away in time to save our self-respect and emotional survival. Brings sanity and centering; remain focused on our own path in context of the sufferings of another. This is not kicking someone out of our hearts, but distancing from delusional dramas.
     Brings spiritual insight into causes and patterns of codependence with self-destructive individuals; allows us to acknowledge and release our own self-destructive desires.
     Nothing in the universe says we must follow our loved ones into their self-selected purgatories. Remember this as you struggle to maintain center among the trauma of watching loved ones slide deeper into pain and confusion. Our most helpful response is to remind them we are there for them when they are ready to come out of these negative spirals, yet refuse to follow them into their hells.

Blue Flax Flower EssenceBLUE FLAX [W] Linum perenne, ssp. lewisii
Linaceae, Flax Family
Psyche: Allows one to yield to things one has had a "charge" around, that are not so important as to lose one's center; for instance, in an argument, assists recognition of what one is willing to give up. Releases fixations, rigid attitudes, tantrums, inappropriate use of will. Brings clarity, centering, integrity of self, discernment to what is highest option; releases harsh attitudes that create strife among family, friends.

BLUE JADE VINE [T] Strongylodon macrobotrys (blue-green)
Fabaceae, Legume Family [Subfamily Faboideae]
Psyche: Calming, cooling, refreshing, relaxing, regenerative; for those ceaselessly striving to manifest perfection and often reaching burnout instead. When pushing too hard, this remedy soothes the spiritual "stretched-thin." Assists assimilation of newly-learned lessons; encourages and empowers children's development, celebrating new accomplishments and learned abilities.
     Develops laying-on of hands, empathic rapport for client and healer; useful for hypnotherapists working with past-life regressions. Dynamic channel for healers working on the psyche and past karmic stories.
Spirit: Brings rest, succor on the spiritual journey; honor the magnificence of spirit, mastery and vastness attempting to manifest in a limited 3D paradigm.
     Let all good tests passed well be behind you; rest for a moment on your accomplishments before taking up again the journey.

Brodiaea minor Flower EssenceBrodiaea minor [W] (violet)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Spirit: Spiritualizes the intellect, as a bridge from mental realms to spirit; opens the mind to understand our own place in infinity. Contradicts fear of the unknown; it is our right to be able to comfortably explore the vastness of ourselves and the Universe.
     Brings clarity of intention on the spiritual path, regarding one's "destiny" or vocational calling; the soul sets its intention to leap forward in evolution through the unfolding perfection of opportunity and timing.

BUFFALOBUR [W] Solanum rostratum (yellow)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Body: Assists colon and bowel function, recovery from abdominal or colonic surgery. Stimulates appendix to detox and filter more effectively. Impacts solar plexus chakra, providing defenses against psychological irritation.
Psyche: Helps understand underlying purity of intention in annoying external behavior. Useful when interacting with irritating personalities; takes the edge off being in their presence. Calm centering of solar plexus leads to minimal disturbance; one's own prickly defenses need not be set up. Also for "prickly" people; helps smooth and understate qualities defined by others as irritating.

Bugle Flower EssenceBUGLE [G] Ajuga reptans (blue)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Psyche: Enhances communication skills, using power of the spoken word to change and heal rather than defy or condemn. Brings patience, consideration in communication without sacrificing integrity, to be heard without defenses. Refines ranting, nagging, pedantics, etc.

BUSHEL GOURD [G] Lagenaria sicerarea (white)
Cucurbitaceae, Gourd Family
Body: Facilitates bronchial expansion, releasing fear of "suffocation." Opens lungs for easier breathing; useful in asthma, emphysema, air pollution, lung scarring. Aligns vertebrae; helps open vocal cords.
Psyche: Assists development of moral rectitude, allowing others their own versions thereof. Lessens self-righteous behavior in morally upright beings. Enhances creative abundance; washes out greed in the energy field, opening to receptivity toward all needs being served and honored. Use with Fremontia in fear-of-lack issues.
Spirit: Brings harmony with the Higher Self; clears old memories keeping one from experiencing one's fullest creative energy. Enhances spiritual understanding; broadens cosmology for those excessively bound to earthly religions. Use with 'Ape for releasing judgments regarding the spiritual path.

Butterfly Bush Flower EssenceBUTTERFLY BUSH [G] Buddleia davidii (lilac with orange "eye")
Loganiaceae, Strychnine Family (or Buddlejaceae, Buddleia Family)
Body: Eases depression from physical limitations. In those with disabilities or wheelchair-bound, facilitates flow of chi through other pathways if most common channels are blocked. Stimulates new neural pathways in the brain. Brings joy to being in a body; take before going dancing! Relaxes bowels; releases stress, performance anxiety.
Psyche: Enhances joy, harmony, creative fun; working through blocks interfering with spontaneous expression of joyous life force. Brings confidence to creativity for those too rigid, self-limiting, shamed as not "good enough" creatively, and children with too-high self-standards for art; releases the "I can't do it!" stranglehold, brings contentment with one's abilities. Allows one to relax and have fun with children, or one's own childlike self.
     Increases ability to find relationship between disparate parts—elements of music, mathematics, etc.—to see overall effect. Enhances beauty in creativity through sound and movement.

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