Flower Essences: C

Caladium Flower EssenceCALADIUM [T] C. x hortulanum (cream)
Araceae, Arum Family
Soothes and heals the nervous system.
Psyche: Useful for children to release manipulative behavior designed to control others, especially parents.
     For sexual offenders: a catalyst to heal, release old programming. Used consciously with appropriate therapy, stimulates the necessary healing crisis, courage and willingness to change character flaws from the inside out.
Spirit: Augments tantric communion, assists assimilation of mutual energies. Expands auric field to create synergy for healing and balance.

CALATHEA [T] C. violaceae (dusky purple)
Marantaceae, Arrowroot Family
Useful where people crowding together need to come to greater harmony: full households, city living, high-density apartment houses. A resonance of harmony needs to be acquired when one is regularly forced to be close to other humans; this essence allows one to maintain spiritual purpose and focus while battered by the intense vibrations of people living too close together.
     Brings greater discernment of intellectual ideas, enhancing mental clarity as one studies concepts of mathematics, physics, logical thinking. Helpful to find one thought in a circling crowd, chase it through to its conclusion or basis.

California Butterweed Flower EssenceCALIFORNIA BUTTERWEED [W] Senecio aronicoides (yellow)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Senecio Tribe]
Helps correct organic brain disturbances, clearing negative effects of damage from physical injury, drug abuse, or self-destructive behavior in any form. Specific for head injuries, and to ameliorate harsh side effects of allopathic medicines. With homeopathics or other remedies to detox and release heavy metals, may be useful for one with a history of a toxic diet or environment; restimulates the brain to throw off negative effects and return as much as possible to an undamaged state.

Calypso Orchid Flower EssenceCALYPSO ORCHID [W] C. bulbosa (purple & red & white)
Orchidaceae, Orchid Family [Calypso Tribe]
Enhances joy, wonder, honesty, availability, openness; commonality, bonding, friendship, harmony. Opens the heart to kindness, gratitude, love, remembrance. Inspires childlike, playful qualities; alleviates stress as it lightens the attitude.
     Many people get locked into daily humdrum and never see the magic and beauty of life growing at their feet. This essence contradicts that heaviness, adds sparkle to everyday experience and opens the heart to kindness and gratitude.

Cannabis hybrida flower essence remedyCannabis hybrida [C] (green)
Cannabaceae, Hemp Family
All-purpose activator for chi, clarity, intention; generally contradicts negative qualities of the herb when smoked. Strengthens kidneys, lung and kidney meridians, increasing chi; clears and vitalizes the ethereal fluidium. Helps assimilate nutrients connected to building red blood cells.
Psyche: Mental acuity improves; sense of purpose is awakened. Brings clarity to confusion in dream states from repressed emotions in waking life, and to confused altered states caused by psychotropic drugs or biochemical imbalances.
Spirit: Brings more profundity to meditation, strengthens initiative for divine purpose; higher guidance received through meditation, improved concentration.

Cannabis sativa [C] (green)
Cannabaceae, Hemp Family
Clears sinuses, relaxes and empties bowels; assists bone building, kundalini.
Psyche: Clarifies issues of will and initiative in relation to authority figures. Brings playfulness and light-heartedness to being on the planet; "lighten up."
Spirit: Useful for shamanic journeys, vision dreams, awareness around altered states; brings clarity and order to journeys between dimensions.

Canterbury Bells Flower EssenceCANTERBURY BELLS [G] Campanula medium cv. 'calycanthema' (blue-violet)
Campanulaceae, Bellflower Family
Useful for toning, using sound practices to shake loose blockages from the psyche and body. When healer and client take together, resonance within the body is amplified.
Psyche: Allows one to release, through toning, psychic detritus in mental and emotional bodies: grief, dismay regarding the mortality paradigm. Birth and death become more enjoyable, natural, simple.
Spirit: Those obsessed with the mystery of birth and death find this remedy useful, especially with toning, and when working with spiritual beings to clear limitations of the human paradigm.

Cape Figwort Flower EssenceCAPE FIGWORT [G] Phygelius capensis (scarlet & yellow)
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Brings joy in the body, aliveness, energy; breathe deep, feel the thrill of being alive. Increases joy of living even when bound to limitations of Earth. When feeling stuck in the body through disabilities, advanced age, etc., alleviates the body's sense of being a hindrance to the spirit. Those with limiting physical disabilities may find other avenues of expressing joy.
     Sometimes a person dreaming of limitless freedom feels heartbreak at the experience of waking up yet again to a body that cannot accommodate this physical joy. We suggest Cape Figwort as an extension of that dreamer's joy back into the body.

Cascade Crane Orchid Flower EssenceCASCADE CRANE ORCHID [W] Habenaria dilatata ssp. elegans (white)
Orchidaceae, Orchid Family
Enhances joy, laughter, childlike innocence; dancing through life, always finding something to appreciate. An "attitude adjustment," it brings reappreciation of the beautiful aspects of Earth for those surrendering to "the Grind." Counteracts locking-down of creativity, imagination, expression; those in complicated lifestyles may find beauty in simplicity.

CAT'S WHISKERS [T] Orthosiphon aristatus (white)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family

     A native medicinal of Australian rain forests.
Psyche: Lessens self-condemnation stress; forgive, accept one's faults and flaws. For pivotal points in one's life, and the issues that arise thereof: mid-life crises, starting anew, taking stock of self without being unduly harsh. Build a life based on now, with what one has, rather than regret what one has not. What one has feared becomes something one can accept; failure issues in relationships, life, career goals. Opens the heart chakra.

CHACRUNA [C] Psychotria viridis (white)
Rubiaceae, Madder or Coffee Family
Amazon entheogenic shrub; admixture to Ayahuasca.
Psyche: Releases irritation, annoyance, lack of concentration. Clears blockage to heart chakra; impacts temple chakras.
Spirit: Assists expansion of psychic abilities; heightens awareness of unseen realms. Develops and transforms inner psychic processes. Use with Ayahuasca essence to create doorways into other realms.

Cherry Flower EssenceCHERRY [G] Prunus avium (white)
Rosaceae, Rose Family
Enhances vibrant positivity. Good contradiction to "workaday blues;" cheers, revitalizes, brings enthusiasm and delight in daily living. Useful in grief, resentment, loss of ability to find goodness; strengthens positivity to withstand gloom and depression of others. Opens and softens the heart to appreciate the good in humans without resentment toward their failings, allowing one to "cut slack." Augments release of tensions in sexual centers, supporting the ability to be orgasmic and receptive to love and romance.
     Remember the joy of spring; this essence captures that softness and delight.

Chrysanthemum Flower EssenceCHRYSANTHEMUM [G] C. x morifolium (yellow)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Anthemis Tribe]
Enhances vitality, stimulates and tonifies the hormonal system when out of rhythm. Useful for extreme cases: severe PMS, "post-partum blues," biochemical imbalance from drug abuse, malnourishment, inappropriate rest/activity patterns. Tonic, bringing the body systems into alignment; useful in supporting other natural healing systems.
Psyche: Mental vitality; aligns the psyche with body-consciousness so one is more aware of the effects one's actions and thoughts have on the body.

Cleavers Flower EssenceCLEAVERS [W] Galium aperine (white)
Rubiaceae, Madder or Coffee Family
Releases attachment: for children who throw tantrums using guilt, tending to have been overindulged regarding their ability to manipulate others. Clear on two levels: have the parent unhook from guilt (using Pickerel Weed); have the child release the parent of supposed emotional duties and move on to new experiences.
     Useful also for "adults" of infantile self-absorption who put their own needs first, pulling others around them off-center in co-dependent struggle. Releases tension, the need to manipulate; renews interest for what the world may have to offer. Takes the focus off distancing relatives onto the possibility of wonder, growth, fun.

Crepe Ginger Flower EssenceCREPE GINGER [T] Costus speciosa (white & yellow)
Zingiberaceae, Ginger Family
Inspires queenly grace, majestic feminine strength. Useful for women choosing to fight gender oppression through understanding and love, not shrill argumentation; harmonizing as equals with clear communication. Mastery, insight into the human condition expressing in feminine form. Enhances attunement to queenly grace of the Goddess energy: strength, power used wisely and graciously. Brings a strong sense of self, grounding; perceiving responsibilities and duties as joyful service. Useful for those who need to develop self-sovereignty, including men.

CUP-AND-SAUCER VINE [G] Cobaea scandens (blue-violet & green)
Polemoniaceae, Phlox Family
Stimulates hands and throat chakras; lesser impact on knees and third eye chakras. Meridian tonic. Assists vitamin assimilation; contradicts listlessness, lack of vitality. In combinations, amplifies the vortex for healing and releasing addictive patterns.
Psyche: Attunement with the inner self, assistance for the inner journey; less extraneous distractions from personality levels. Useful in combinations where transformation is desired, but one feels helpless to move into new levels of personal evolution.
Spirit: Hearing the Higher Self; for solitude in spiritual practices, turning within to seek one's Source. Useful for those who in their spiritual practices keep finding a limit of depth in their own resonance; enhances the ability to dive into deeper meditative states.
     Enhances the celebration of life in spiritual community. For monastics, combine with Western Anemone to deepen the rich pool of stillness shared in satsang, group meditation. Augments Buddhist practices of experiencing the Void; go beyond mind-chatter and intellect to touch the Vastness.

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