Flower Essences: DEF

Dahlia Flower EssenceDAHLIA [G] D. x hybrida (red with white tips)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Helianthus Tribe]
A "woman warrior's" essence for grounding, empowerment, strengthening the healthy sense of self, igniting the will into positive manifestation. Enhances self-worth, self-confidence, leadership skills, refining one's personality to fit the needs of a situation. Empowers the throat chakra, especially in women that they may more freely speak their truth; useful for women with power issues.

Douglas' Aster Flower EssenceDOUGLAS' ASTER [W] A. subspicatus (violet)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Aster Tribe]
Useful when considering lifestyle decisions and their impact on one's family, particularly when planning or initiating new options in life. Alleviates anxiety related to future-planning, links cognition and intuition; wake to one's morals, principles, conscience: the "right thing" to do. At a crossroads, choices may be confusing; attunement with the Higher Self brings ability to remain centered and humble while processing ramifications of future actions.
     Opportunity and order are born from the matrix of chaos; all probabilities reside there. If one is having trouble visualizing the possibilities inherent in a large shift in lifestyle or awareness, this remedy is very useful.

Douglas' Campion Flower EssenceDOUGLAS' CAMPION [W] Silene douglasii (pale pink)
Caryophyllaceae, Pink Family
Keeps heart rhythms in order, in those whose emotional hearts have been stressed. Releases mental and emotional impressions that lead to liver congestion.
Psyche: Heals emotional residue in the heart causing it to harden or shut down. Brings clarity and centering in chronic deep emotional distress; useful to understand karmic effects of inconsideration of others. When grief has become lodged in the heart as a dull, inner pain, this opens the heart to regain flow of emotions in stagnant situations of unresolved grief or sorrow. Softens and melts barriers to feeling and expressing, releasing sorrow and pain; this is the true beginning of healing a heart condition.
Spirit: Assists connection with the Higher Self.

DREAM HERB [C] Calea zacatechichi (white)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family
Mexican shrub; leaves smoked or drunk as tea for dreams.
Psyche: Increases vividness of dream states; use with Coleus, Rainbow Eucalyptus, other essences to set intention for clarity of vision. Suggested use: fast 24-48 hours from drugs, caffeine, chocolate and other stimulants before ingesting this remedy twice before bedtime, 15 minutes apart; you will be given that for which you ask.

Dwarf Onion Flower EssenceDWARF ONION [W] Allium tribracteatum (white)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Brings tenacity, endurance in an environment not conducive to one's inner development; helps "lay low," nurture inner strength to co-exist where one would not be welcome if one were to show all one truly were. By laying low and banding together, tough circumstances can be survived; indeed, one can even blossom and bear fruit. Affects the third or power chakra, releasing the need to control or rebel against being controlled.

Echinacea Flower EssenceECHINACEA [G] E. purpurea (purple)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Helianthus Tribe]
Strengthens the immune system to repel invading disease organisms; preventive for colds and flu. In head injuries, provides strong rejuvenation for the crown. Facilitates repair of brain and nerve tissue when possible; use with Comfrey essence to rebuild pathways after stroke.
Spirit: Spiritual aspiration; enhances the ability to connect with Higher Self and God. Powerful essence for crown chakra, opening faculties for interdimensional function. As a shamanic tool and connection link to starry friends, take before meditation on positive ET contact. Useful to establish telepathic contact with higher-dimensional beings: devas, angels, etc.

Eggplant Flower EssenceEGGPLANT [G] Solanum melongena (dark violet)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
For those with infantile self-absorption; expands understanding to include repercussions for others, to understand one's place and responsibility in the larger human circle. Expands viewpoint to make conscious decisions regarding relationships with the greater community. Encourages conscious choice as to how one wills to live, with integrity and understanding. Not to be used for "punishment" issues, but to expand one's understanding and definition of "right" and "wrong," in order to choose a greater good.
Spirit: For those who have not yet experienced or made a commitment to expressing their divinity; opens one to understand the divine spark within. Opens heart and third chakras, that refinement of teachings regarding how it is to be human may be accepted: lessons from the Golden Rule, karmic wheel, evolution of personality, etc.
     [A very useful remedy for adolescents.]

Firecracker Flower EssenceFIRECRACKER FLOWER [W] Dichelostemma ida-maia (red & yellow)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Enhances communication from Higher Self for setting intention, clarity and insight into the next step: receive marching orders, go where Spirit wills, to manifest the vision of harmony and beauty. Assists reception of guidance from higher realms regarding life-path information, receiving insight and vision for the next steps of self-discovery in service. Use with Mountain Pretty-Face and Brodiaea in blends for finding one's vocation or calling.

Flowering Tobacco Flower EssenceFLOWERING TOBACCO [G] Nicotiana alata, syn. N. affinis (white)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Offers sweet sustenance, embracing and nurturing during trying times. Helps rebalance and reorder the psyche after difficulty or trauma, assimilating the healing and blessing inherent in externally chaotic or traumatic situations. Useful where one's endurance is tested, both physically and emotionally.

Four O'Clock Flower EssenceFOUR O'CLOCK [G] Mirabilis jalapa (pink, yellow, white, bicolors)
Nyctaginaceae, Four O'Clock Family
Tonic and harmonizer for the body's needs. Regulates biorhythms; ebbs and flows become less pronounced. Stabilizes energetic output in the tendency to burn out, overwork; enhances the ability to rise to energetic needs of the day. Boosts activity and chi when Triple Warmer meridian is depleted.

Fremontia Flower EssenceFREMONTIA [G] Fremontodendron californicum (yellow)
Bombacaceae, Bombax Family
Brings clarity, insight into survival issues. In economic and ecological conservation, enhances resourcefulness in energetic or pragmatic drought. Helps perceive larger patterns shifting, consider best ways to proceed without apparent adequate backup resources. Harmonizes body needs with higher wisdom considerations, stimulates the ability to survive without lessening one's evolution; Higher Mind is brought into survival choices. Develops group mind for community decisions regarding the ability to adapt and survive radical changes of lifestyle, economic opportunities, basic survival issues, etc. Useful for homeless people, those forced out of steady-income situations finding it frightening to consider utter lack of resources.

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