Flower Essences: GHI

GARLIC [G] Allium sativum (white)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Releases tension in solar plexus related to fear, anger, stress; in this context, for children claiming "tummy aches." Affects liver and gall bladder meridians; minor impact on lung and large intestine meridians. Detoxes the emotional body; impacts the mental body calming stage fright, apprehension, rage, etc.
Psyche: Opens the mind for clarity above emotional outbursts. Useful in tantrums, rage, hysteria; increases calm when dealing with issues arising from subconscious fears and urges.

Giant Burmese Honeysuckle Flower EssenceGIANT BURMESE HONEYSUCKLE [T] Lonicera hildebrandiana (white to orange)
Caprifoliaceae, Honeysuckle Family
[The world's largest-flowered honeysuckle; similar in effect to Bach's Honeysuckle, but specific to past-life issues.]
Psyche: A remedy of choice when clearing past-life issues, this assists shifting into the present from past-life issues holding one back; specific for past-life work, releasing limitations. Often there is soul-scarring from loss, or lack of mastery regarding lessons previously presented.



Globe Amaranth Flower EssenceGLOBE AMARANTH [G] Gomphrena globosa (magenta)
Amaranthaceae, Amaranth Family
Encourages commonality of viewpoint in the interest of love and harmony, to refine a prickly quality that may cause discomfort to others. Builds understanding, respect and appreciation between two individuals; useful for lovers who care deeply for each other, yet quarrel because there is no understanding of individual traits.

Gloriosa Lily Flower EssenceGLORIOSA LILY [T] Gloriosa superba (red & yellow)
Liliaceae, Lily Family
Useful for issues of will and codependence, where one has forfeited the will to be in a relationship, thus has lost power and lost track of one's soul mission. Clears and aligns the intention to return to self-sovereign balance.

GLORY BOWER [G] Clerodendrum trichotomum (white)
Verbenaceae, Verbena Family
Calming to the brain and emotional body. Assists relaxing of muscular tissue; useful in seizures to minimize painful after-effects; combine with Rose essences in long-term formulas (+/- 3 months) for lessening frequency and duration of seizures.
Psyche: Reorders incoming information to be less-filtered by fear and past pain, allowing a more valid experience of ones circumstances. Nurturing to those who nurture others; balance in the realm of nurturing; look within to find the source of all nurturance.
Spirit: Enhances balanced states of ecstasy, and stabilization of the body's energy patterns as a foundation for receiving spiritual initiations.

Golden Shrimp Plant Flower EssenceGOLDEN SHRIMP PLANT [T] Justicia aurea (yellow bracts, white flowers)
Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family
Dissolves family dysfunctionality. Parents may re-examine old paradigms, releasing psychological scarring that interferes with healthy interactions: corporal punishment, shame-and-blame, overly- or under-significating a child's experiences, interference with the wholistic learning process. Give to parents desiring conscious communication with children, to create healthy, supportive relationships more honoring of each individual. In choosing this remedy, look for signs of family fear, inappropriate boredom or frustration, crazy-making ploys.

Groundsel Flower EssenceGROUNDSEL [W] Senecio vulgaris (yellow)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Senecio Tribe]
Releases the need to control or conform to others' expectations; in releasing constructs, one can be willing to see another's point of view in clarity. Believing another has a right to their own lessons and experiences, one can step back and allow this without judgment or manipulation. Brings dispassion to live a life unhooked by others' experiences and projections. Self-sufficiency: releases need for others' validations and expectations.

Guiana Chestnut Flower EssenceGUIANA CHESTNUT [T] Pachira aquatica (greenish-white)
Bombacaceae, Bombax Family
With conscious bodywork/therapeutic processes, limiting resonances can be cleared from the etheric and emotional bodies, allowing the soul and psyche to develop without inhibition. Use topically or orally to release blockages in the energy body, usually stemming from difficult interpersonal interactions, trauma or violence and abuse. Expands the crown chakra as a fountain of release.
Psyche: Enhances connection with the wisdom-body for accessing karmic origin of one's current story, releasing it into Light; aids the physical body's ability to release the story as well. Assists moving through difficulties in the psyche.

Hardhack Flower EssenceHARDHACK [W] Spiraea douglasii (rose-red)
Rosaceae, Rose Family
Clears bowel blockages; take orally and with enemas.
Psyche: Releases ties that bind while honoring ties that connect. Opens the heart, releasing grasping tendencies, infantile needs aimed at others; useful for codependence. Releases the need to cling to intimates and family members as individual growth creates differing stages of interaction. Good remedy for weaning children, pets.

Heavenly Bamboo Flower EssenceHEAVENLY BAMBOO [G] Nandina domestica (white)
Berberidaceae, Barberry Family
Slows and regularizes heartbeat, breath, other body systems in preparation for meditative states.
Psyche: Enhances peace and stillness; use in combinations to explore deeper aspects of the psyche, where wisdom and deep harmony reside.
Spirit: Significant assist in meditative practices: brings the mind to deeper harmonies. Those easily distracted from presence of profundity may more easily amplify the frequencies of stillness and Light. Empowers spiritual will and dedication to a path of purity, peace, enlightenment.
     In beginning a spiritual path, this remedy can be a signpost or stabilizer for the frequency of peace.

Hierba de la pastora Flower EssenceHIERBA DE LA PASTORA [C] Salvia divinorum (white with blue calyx)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family

     Named for the Shepherdess, Mother Mary, this Oaxacan herb is used for divination and healing ceremonies.
Body: Clears blocked energetic brain pathways.
Psyche: Carries the resonance of Marian healing; extends loving compassion to parts of the psyche holding sorrow, delusion, negative impressions. Facilitates emotional healing for those who hold bitterness as a shadow over the heart, blocking its natural shine; turn within to release soul scars, melt barriers holding one back from abundant love. Useful when experiencing limitation regarding the depth of a relationship; allows one to release old grudges, invite healing and new growth in one's life. In situations of abuse, abandonment, loneliness, neglect, brings one closer to living in love and harmony; get off the treadmill of manipulation and expectation into sweet acceptance, kindness, mercy.

Hollyhock Flower EssenceHOLLYHOCK [G] Alcea rosea, syn. Althaea rosea (pink)
Malvaceae, Mallow Family
[essence prepared by Li Bette Porter, Oregon USA]
Tenderness; stimulates hope where one may feel held back, repressed. Opens and releases barriers of the heart chakra, breaks through blocks in growth process; with the change of heart one can begin to change all other aspects of one's life. Offers inspiration to continue, especially when one considers the journey too difficult; useful with other remedies for encouragement on the Path.

Ice Blue Ginger Flower EssenceICE-BLUE GINGER [T] Calathea burle-marxii (mauve with pale blue bracts)
Marantaceae, Arrowroot Family
Deepens serenity, passivity, stillness in silence, and depth of focus in meditative practice. For those who wish to maintain connection to their own spiritual center as they go about their work and interpersonal contact, the reservoir of sweetness remains more easily accessible.

Ilima-ku-kula Flower Essence'ILIMA-KU-KULA [T] Sida fallax (orange-yellow)
Malvaceae, Mallow Family
Heals and assuages grief related to loss of a dream or fantasy, offering contentment, consolation, succor, a balm. Heals the damaged psyche from painful relationships painfully ended; assists picking up the detritus of a shattered life, to go on. Helps find harmony in a situation gone awry; accept the Divine Plan, which may include sitting in the ruins of a castle built on a crumbling foundation. Kindness pours from esoteric realms, enwrapping one suffering and in pain, ameliorating and giving release from distraught expression.

Indianhead Ginger Flower Essence

INDIANHEAD GINGER [T] Costus spicata (red & yellow)
Zingiberaceae, Ginger Family
When the emotional heart is hardened, this remedy makes available the more tender emotions found beneath anger and pain; of great benefit in therapeutic counseling. Useful for overly macho types, male or female, to choose to express softness and caring rather than a tough external shell. Consider using when "copping an attitude," where the inner child is repressed to the point of only petulance showing.

Indigo Salvia Flower EssenceINDIGO SALVIA [PARAGUAYAN SAGE] [T] Salvia guaranitica (deep indigo)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Calms emotional and physical bodies. Impacts the third-eye chakra, bringing Light to the physical body.
Spirit: Opens the psyche to soul wisdom accumulated through incarnation cycles; recover wisdom from past lives, developing intuition and internal information-gathering systems. Children may tune into the wisdom they carry from other incarnations; men who have closed down their intuition choose to open again.

Iris Tenax Flower EssenceIris tenax [W] (purple with white & yellow)
Iridaceae, Iris Family
[essence prepared by Li Bette Porter, Oregon USA]
Gives fortitude through dangerous, unpredictable times, especially when changing significant patterns. Helps hold the vision of what one truly seeks to create in one's life, inspiring tenacity through the difficulties of reordering one's manifestations; honors inner integrity through insult, misunderstanding and denigration by others. Useful when starting over into a radical change of lifestyle that initially may create chaos and discord from others, but which intention is in the long run to serve the greatest good and harmony. Brings strength with humility, tenacity; never give up once one has made a choice from integrity, standing steadfast for what one knows to be true and honorable. Augments and strengthens will and clarity in creating a new reality; holds the vision and intention through seeming chaos, where parts of the inner and outer life appear to contradict each other's needs.

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