Flower Essences: JKL

Jacaranda Flower EssenceJACARANDA [T] J. mimosifolia (blue-violet)
Bignoniaceae, Bignonia Family
Healing to the nervous system. Useful for crying, irritable babies whose delicate nerves are stressed; assists sleep. Use with Ornamental Ginger for external environmental stress: noise, light, electrical energies, etc.
Psyche: Assists concentration for students; use with Viscaria. Useful for nervous, jittery, ungrounded people who have difficulty completing tasks, staying on track and maintaining concentration during long-term projects; who are easily distracted, seeming unable to commit energy and time, and remain unconnected with life because of short attention spans.
Spirit: Useful for New Age types attuning their physical systems to increasing Light energy and cosmic awareness.

Jacob's Ladder Flower EssenceJACOB'S LADDER [G] Polemonium caeruleum (blue)
Polemoniaceae, Phlox Family
Affects throat chakra and thymus gland; assists metabolic balance, regularizing energetic output to complement temporal needs from a deeper source. Harmonizes sleep cycles, circadian rhythms; assists understanding of inner daily needs. Helps detox muscular tissue after energetic output. Use with Caladium to stabilize nervous disorders.
Psyche: Stimulates familial harmony via activating honest concern for others' welfare; useful in sibling rivalry, poor parenting skills.
Spirit: Cruise Akashic Records for insight into past-life stories and their impact on the present; deep harmony with the Higher Self in context of seeing overall pattern. In meditation, stimulates the "Blue Pearl" or "star" vision, impacting pineal-pituitary circuitry, and expanding wisdom.

Jamaica Vervain Flower EssenceJAMAICA VERVAIN [T] Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (blue-violet)
Verbenaceae, Vervain Family
Supports inspiration and direction in processing and clearing inner realities. Keeps the heart open during journeys into one's dark side, "clearing out closets" of the psyche that more Light may be brought in; what is useful may be brought forth, and all that does not serve may be released. Helps "get a handle on" forces behind strange motivations negatively affecting one's relationships or belief systems.
Spirit: Sweeps chambers of the heart clearing false, limiting belief systems to make ready a place for the indwelling Spirit. Enhances transmutation through understanding: examine, release unworthy/undeserving/limiting/victim belief systems. Helps access Higher Self to burn, transmute imperfections of the psyche; highly recommended.

Japanese Anemone Flower EssenceJAPANESE ANEMONE [G] A. x japonica, syn. A. hupehensis (white)
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
Brings stillness and wisdom in human dramas. Creates a bridge with the Higher Self to regain strength of center and clarity regarding emotional and situational issues; understand and rise above tendencies of the lower self for self-abasement, abuse and belittling. Brings one out of tiny emotional dramas into limitlessness of the true Self. Useful for cleaning out one's psychological closets, prioritizing points of perfection while sustaining purity and Light.
     With centering and calmness, we can hear our souls saying what we need each step of our journey.

Japanese Knotweed Flower EssenceJAPANESE KNOTWEED [W] Polygonum cuspidatum (white)
Polygonaceae, Knotweed Family
Enhances ganglionic communication, healthy firing of neurons; assists restoration of damaged nerves in outer extremities. Refines and expands free range of motion for fine motor skills, dexterity; greater abilities develop in those whose injuries have limited motor abilities. Use with other remedies [see 'NR'] to clear nervous system blockage.
Psyche: Clears self-limiting beliefs about one's own ability to heal and be healed.

Jasmine Flower EssenceJASMINE [G] Jasminum officinale (white)
Oleaceae, Olive Family
Balances mucous production; specific for colitis, gastric enteritis, colonic malabsorption. Stimulates kundalini from the root chakra.
Psyche: Opens the psychological mind to the spiritual life.
Spirit: Expedites spiritual development: consideration and kindness, ability to perceive the Divine within all things. Assists alertness in spiritual practices, inner guidance from unseen beings. Stimulates the wisdom-body to bring through lessons already learned and forgotten.

Jewelweed Flower EssenceJEWELWEED [W] Impatiens capensis (orange-yellow with brown spots)
Balsaminaceae, Touch-Me-Not Family
Relaxation, grace; increases calm, inner enjoyment. Useful to adolescents who want to be far ahead of their natural process; adults too can remember to kick back, play, let go of mental worries. Those who are harried, uptight, who move too fast in work, relationships, life, find the perfection of stillness. Enjoy the moments of life, stages of the journey; slow down, embrace fun, joy, peace.

Job's Tears Flower EssenceJOB'S TEARS [T] Coix lacryma (green)
Poaceae, Grass Family
"Men come and go; Earth abides." Enhances the experience of continuity and endurance, as a tribe and species; counteracts profound insecurity of death, isolation, feeling cut off from one's ancestors, cultural traditions, or tribe; regrounds and reconnects.
     Useful for nature attunement, co-creation with natural forces to bring forth abundance from the Earth. In permaculture concepts, creates a practical model and positive instrument for working with devic realms. Helps retain the harmony expressed in simpler ways of gardening; in working within a co-created environment, Job's Tears allows one, if required, to do heavy soil-amending or machine work and still maintain esoteric connection with the land and plants.
     May be useful for assistance in understanding the language of birds.

JUPITER'S BEARD [G] Centranthus ruber (red)
Valerianaceae, Valerian Family
Adrenal booster for stress on the physical body. Impacts cellular activity, alignment and reproductive function; assists healing when unimpeded by karmic debt. Assists alignment of etheric body with mental and causal bodies.
Psyche: In karmic degenerative disease, helps re-examine suffering from the Souls point of view. Stimulates awareness of long-held patterns; useful in formulas for deeper soul-understanding and expansion of options. Offers the virtue of living within one's integrity, exuding sweetness; brings a balanced happy attitude, and grace in interpersonal relationships.

Kava Flower EssenceKAVA [C] Piper methysticum (green)
Piperaceae, Pepper Family
Regulates blood pressure, blood sugar to a lesser extent. Opens the heart and third chakras; affects Triple Warmer meridian.
Psyche: Enhances the celebration of joy in community; letting down one's guard to feel more comfortable, gracious with others. Useful for those who have a hard time in groups, mistrusting and feeling uncomfortable; brings heart opening, joviality, delight, relaxation.

Kenilworth Ivy Flower EssenceKENILWORTH IVY [G] Cymbalaria muralis (lilac-blue & yellow)
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Self-esteem issues: useful for children and those caught in shame spirals of never being good enough, judged harshly by others. Allows for the possibility of magnificence in those battered by the meanness of others' manifestations; brings the ability to endure and shine even when bombarded with an external definition of self as unworthy. Inspires the will to rise out of pain, confusion, loss of self, to come into the Light of one's soul intention to manifest growth and healing, transformation and joy.
     When one has been "hammered" for long intervals with the concept that one is ugly, useless, a burden, etc., it is difficult to remember one's own inner perfection. This remedy reconnects us to our own self-worth and belief in our abilities, to survive with determination to grow and become all that we were intended to be.

King's Mantle Flower EssenceKING'S MANTLE [T] Thunbergia erecta (purple & white)
Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family
Renews vigor in those weighed down by living, tiresome vocation or lifestyle.
Psyche: Brings sparkle, renewed enthusiasm for the quest and delight in life, appreciation for beauty and inspiration to continue the journey. Take time to renew oneself, commitment and pleasure in service. Uplifts spirits, good attitude: valor, courage to persevere in joy. Assists wiser decisions regarding positive lifestyle; allows others to express their love and willingness to help.
     When duty and responsibility become a burden, when one has forgotten the intention behind acceptance of duty, give this remedy. Look for symptoms of stooped posture, lifeless expression, dull eyes.

Kirengeshoma Flower EssenceKIRENGESHOMA [G] K. palmata x koreana (yellow)
Saxifragaceae, Saxifrage Family
Inspires illumination, enthusiasm to spark a renewal of interest in vocational dreams; check to see if the ones needing this have a secret vision or desire that may be their soul's inspiration and lifetime vocation. Helps reconnect to one's inner ideal regarding manifestation, and clarifies the process required to bring it to fruition. Once clarified and ignited, other remedies empower and manifest the vision.

KIWI VINE [G] Actinidia chinensis, syn. A. deliciosa (creamy white-yellow)
Actinidiaceae, Kiwi Family

Body: For circulatory issues, especially in lower body: varicose veins, edema, etc. Enhances vitality, virility. For sexual disorders, impotence, erectile difficulties, especially related to physical circulation or psychological self-worth issues.

Lady's Thumb Flower EssenceLADY'S THUMB [W] Polygonum persicaria (pink)
Polygonaceae, Buckwheat Family
Vitality. Clears constriction in throat chakra, opens chakras and nadis in forebrain for expanding consciousness. Medulla oblongata stimulated re: dreams, visions from ancient voices.
Psyche: Rising above ordinary concerns, freeing and expanding, the dark cloud lifts. Useful for those with past-life issues regarding extermination by dint of perceived witchcraft; assists healing in the psyche, opening again to these places.
Spirit: Reconnects to one's ancestral virtues, racial/genetic history, and consciousness of plants and Nature. Most useful for Eurasians, Caucasians who've forgotten tribal roots; contradicts sterility of white man's perception of the soul. Useful in psychic development for deeper connection to devas, elementals, etc. Take with other remedies to enliven ancient consciousness, perceive sentience in all forms of life, facilitate "native wisdom" which Europeans attempted to breed out by killing all women showing signs.
     The dandelion in the sidewalk crack knows more than you do about survival and sustenance! How can you divorce yourself from your own deep inner knowing? Return again to this natural awareness and inner wisdom; it will take you far in the coming changes.

Lapeirousia Flower EssenceLAPEIROUSIA [G] L. laxa, syn. L. cruenta (rose with red splotch)
Iridaceae, Iris Family
Enhances softness and affection with oneself; release self-denigration, self-hatred, self-spite. Clears karmic stories that impact one's ability to love oneself.

Large Flowered Monkeyflower EssenceLARGE-FLOWERED MONKEYFLOWER [W] Diplacus grandiflorus, syn. Mimulus bifidus (pale orange)
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Use to balance fear of crowds, losing self-identity. For those insecure in large cities, public places, who can't retain strong sense of self in group consciousness; who feel "swallowed up" by a system that assumes unthinking obedience. Allows one to keep center, maintain consciousness and morality when surrounded by group expectations: stand up for what one knows is right.
     Useful for people attempting to leave groups that exert powerful psychic domination, and timid souls overwhelmed by crowds. Use with Sensitive Plant to find one's strength in groups; also with Petunia and Flowering Tobacco for recalling energy from cultlike situations where will and understanding have been warped.

Lettuce Flower EssenceLETTUCE [G] Lactuca sativa (yellow)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Cichorium Tribe]
Soothes the nervous system when over-stimulated by drugs, caffeine, external stresses; information passed along nerve pathways becomes less jarring. Eases opiate craving, facilitates release of chemical addiction; stimulates endorphin production shut down from drug use. Useful for babies who cry from nervous irritation, too much stimuli; greatly useful for babies born to addicted mothers, whose systems are irritated and oversensitive. Rebuilds and realigns nervous systems seriously impacted by drug use, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, etc. Facilitates rebuilding of neuronic sheath over damaged and irritated nerves. Use with Valerian essence to rebuild spinal cord and nervous system after serious injury. Take with nutritional supplements that support rebuilding nerve pathways; expect to see significant recovery.

Lilac Flower EssenceLILAC [G] Syringa vulgaris (lilac-violet, white)
Oleaceae, Olive Family
Supports the spinal cord and musculature; brings kundalini through spinal channels; excellent addition to massage oils.
Psyche: Brings joy to incarnation; kinesthetic delight.

LIME [T] Citrus aurantiifolia (white)
Rutaceae, Rue Family
Facilitates bridging between the hemispheres; brings whole-brain thinking to left-brain mentation. Balances over-stimulation of the mental body causing imbalances in other energy bodies. Impacts minor chakras in forehead associated with mentation.
Psyche: Brings greater clarification of mental concepts; useful in study and scholarly pursuit, scientific inquiry, logical progression of ideas. Allows one to follow complicated mentation to completion; good in blends with Pinwheel Protea for creative problem-solving, and examining problems from multiple viewpoints.

Lobelia cardinalis Flower EssenceLobelia cardinalis [G] (red)
Lobeliaceae, Lobelia Family
Enhances transformation abilities in murky environments. Brings appreciation of self and lessons learned: up from abasement to self-honoring. Use to heal shame-based issues, sexual/moral/psychological: denigration, sexual molestation, family-of-origin issues regarding self-worth, empowerment. Brings clarity and release around limitation programming. Understand the impact of negative shame-based programming; find a model that validates all experiences, not just socially acceptable ones. Augments the flow of blessing into one's life by adjusting the attitude towards expectation of goodness and joy.
     Release your old stories as nothing but landmarks on the path; see the validity of the left-hand path of shame and blame that leads by default into denigration. Most of those with shameful past secrets have life-scripted this trauma in the attempt not only to burn off karma but also to be available, once healed, for assisting in the transformation of others: "We shall lift each other up."

LONGAN [T] Euphoria longan (white)
Sapindaceae, Soapberry Family
Tonic for longevity, liver, vital health. Strengthens cells' ability to accurately replicate DNA; preventive for degenerative disease.
Psyche: Brings understanding, insight into one's situations and past-life experiences, for resolution and change of old patterns, beliefs via meditation, introspection. Provides an anchor to the wisdom-body to steady one confronted with difficult behaviors in others; one can respond rather than react, remaining centered.
Spirit: Deepens the reservoir of sweetness, stillness and peace, attuning to forces deeper and wiser than ordinary human reality. Deepens rapport between student and spiritual teacher at a distance, through conscious communion; aids attunement without words between tantric lovers. Rapport with the Earth's wisdom-body attenuates the soul to deeper aspects and ancient wisdom.

Love in a mist Flower EssenceLOVE-IN-A-MIST [G] Nigella damascena (blue, white, pink)
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
Clears, purifies distracting energies from the auric field; clarifies etheric and auric boundaries. Useful as ritual ablution or cleansing before prayer.

Lupine Russel Flower EssenceLUPINE—RUSSELL [G] Lupinus polyphyllus x hybrida (blue-violet & white)
Fabaceae [Subfamily Faboideae]
Develops pineal circuitry to expand intuition in higher guidance, especially understanding long-range effects of short-term actions. Activates latent brain areas, giving access to information previously forgotten; develops insight, especially in regards to furthering of the human species. Enhances the experience of service, unfolding consciousness and potential.
     When considering needs and future options this remedy will be useful, especially when possibilities have been limited through lack of imagination.

Lycianthes sp Flower EssenceLycianthes sp.[T] (purple)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
A tool on the treasure hunt of one's soul; helpful to search out new options and opportunities. Expands awareness of self-inflicted patterning, examining thought processes to discard those unsuitable to healing. Useful for adolescent attitudes such as rebellious resentment and misery, difficulty with parent or other authority figures in intimate relationship. Raises focus from physical to spiritual matters.
Spirit: Assists clarification of goals in healing. Impacts wisdom-body via third-eye stimulation.

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