Flower Essences: MNO

Marsh Marigold Flower EssenceMARSH MARIGOLD [G] Caltha palustris (yellow)
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
A remedy for light-sensitivity, depression from lack of sunlight; use with others for attitude adjustment. Relieves depression associated with Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), keeping metabolism in reasonable function. Holds a frequency of Light and sun for those easily depressed by grey weather. Use with St. John's Wort essence for strengthening the Light of the aura to impact and invigorate the physical body.
     Stimulates the pituitary for regulating sleep cycles; helpful for insomnia. Aids digestion and nutrient assimilation; balances mucus in lower bowel. Strong impact on third-eye circuitry.
Psyche: Softens the heart chakra to feel and express openness, willingness to be present in other people's lives. Breaks down communication barriers between two people; increases understanding via intuitive and verbal channels. Brings more contentment with one's life stages; useful for mid-life crises.
Spirit: Enhances meditation. Allows more information from the soul to consciousness while taking stock in mid-life, to begin bringing through greater soul aspects in the remaining incarnation. Increases resonance between intimate friends with intention of developing telepathy, psychic connections.

MEXICAN CREEPER [T] Antigonon leptopus (bright pink)
Polygonaceae, Buckwheat Family
Enhances vitality of the heart. Stimulates right rear brain.
Psyche: Harmony, affinity; healthy expression of loving interest with others, especially lovers. Allows one to move freely through love and pain, longing for lost love or what was imagined so, to find what part was true and valuable. As doors of the heart open, grief is washed away so any intensity is expressed and released; you are left with the gold. Clears relationship fears of abandonment, betrayal, isolation, intimacy; not so much for sexual issues.

Miniature Rose Flower EssenceMINIATURE ROSE [G] Rosa x hybrida (red petals with white reverse)
Rosaceae, Rose Family
For children; also for adults and adolescents working through childhood issues: the Shadow side of love, when "love hurts." For children in extremely dysfunctional families not getting enough love, attention, support; opens to one's Guardian Angel influence, in harmony with one's dearest and best Friend. Excellent remedy for orphans and abandoned, neglected children, that they may not feel so alone. Surrounds and protects the child in comfort, peace and joy, allowing him/her to manifest patterns of delight, abundant loving energies, and enthusiasm for the adventure of life.

Monkshood Flower EssenceMONKSHOOD [W] Aconitum columbianum (indigo)
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
Alleviates heart problems caused by a rigid attitude, concurrent with related psychological aspects. Helps release stress; alleviates ulcers.
Psyche: Specific for men going through significant changes in their "lifestyle of the heart;" useful also for women expressing rigidity, controlling need, shouting, threatening, cursing. In changing old control paradigms, sacrifice the need to dominate, control, define another's reality, limit one's own version of reality. Enhances self-reflection: turn within to develop inner wisdom and intuition, see where one's actions and attitudes have caused harm to those one has loved.
     Every male who tests a need for this remedy has found himself painted into a corner from which he cannot see any escape, when the external empire may crumble as a result of the lack of inner work. Instead of blaming external situations, this remedy allows the man to cycle back within himself for better insight into the steps that have brought him this far, and steps for changing, from within, those qualities that have created dissonance and discord.

Monstera Flower EssenceMONSTERA [T] M. deliciosa (cream)
Araceae, Arum Family
Frees strictures placed on the psychic and spiritual heart, to become more flexible and delighted in bodily expression. Stimulates circulation and the heart meridian; strengthens heart and vigor. Useful in degenerative heart conditions connected with giving up ideas one "had one's heart set on."
Psyche: Frees the uninhibited expressive nature; re-inspires expansiveness, exuberance. Those who have accepted the limitation paradigm may now break through in rampant growth opportunities and delight. Useful for women who have accepted the paradigm that girls are "nice," not allowed to express rambunctious qualities; those who have locked themselves within the idea of "can't" may now change their self-definition.

Mountain Heather Flower EssenceMOUNTAIN HEATHER [W] Phyllodoce empetriformis (pink)
Ericaceae, Heather Family
Enhances the frequency of peace, releasing fears and tensions that keep one from being present and open to a larger experience of one's natural environment. Brings a sense of elegant simplicity, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to remain in communion with natural forces—which it is.
Spirit: Opens the heart to spiritual softness and receptivity; in hearing the call of the inner voice, listen for guidance and encouragement. Enhances communion with natural elements; deepens affinity and the ability to receive information and energy from unseen realms. Useful during retreats in nature; can augment the long-term ability to remain attuned to unseen forces. Recommended use is in solitary wilderness experiences and retreats into nature. Do not use around other people unless communion is uncommonly deep, as it works best in deep stillness. Not so useful in urban environments, as there is far too much etheric unrest; Sansevieria is a better choice here.

Mountain Pretty Face Flower EssenceMOUNTAIN PRETTY-FACE [W] Triteleia ixioides ssp. analina (yellow & brown)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
For those of low self-esteem whose spiritual Light is caged, who have not yet found their mode of service, living in anonymity of their spiritual gifts; "wallflowers," invisible in society, who have a hard time seeing their own beauty, who have not found their path of power and service. The affirmation of this essence is as follows:
     "My ability to serve makes me a larger being. I too have worth; I too am a beautiful individual, a radiant human being who touches the hearts of people I meet; I am anything but invisible. If I choose to release my anonymity, I can express as a powerfully radiant, beautiful being—especially through passion, service, and touching the hearts of others in ways that leave them feeling better afterward."
Spirit: Grounds spirituality into a practical expression, to find one's life path(s) beginning to unfold. Inspires the will to begin specific aspects of a life of service; in giving to the planet, our own magnetism will grow and we will manifest more spiritual beauty.
     It is not required of every soul to have one life path; it is required that we all find some way to serve in Light and joy.

Mulberry Flower EssenceMULBERRY [G] Morus alba (white)
Moraceae, Fig or Mulberry Family
Useful to examine, clear and release past-life traumas, limitations, and conditioning from a multi-dimensional viewpoint. Specific for difficult relationships and power issues: abuse, mistrust, betrayal. Useful in blends for clearing karmic difficulties.

Naked Lady Flower EssenceNAKED LADY [G] Amaryllis belladonna (pink)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Heightens awareness; releases muscular tension, drops defenses against pleasure. Allows one to find nourishment in sensual needs of the body. Useful in massage, touch therapies.
Psyche: Releases accumulated mental constructs to become more open to the simple, positive expression of the wonder and beauty of being in a body. Enhances appreciation for simple sensual joys; slow down, take it easy, relax and enjoy the sensations.
     Touch and affection keep vitality and life force of the body high, and make it a pleasure to live in the world.

Nepali Ginger Flower EssenceNEPALI GINGER [G] Roscoea auriculata (royal purple)
Zingiberaceae, Ginger Family
Enhances earthy inner will; dynamic, humble, sturdy, magnificent, capable. Useful for "space cadets" who want to save the world but haven't a clue how: assists practical, hands-on learning to deepen skills for manifestation. Specific talents may be largely untapped; the intelligence is there, but not yet the connection to the learning process. Give to those who are tired of drifting, cloudlike, as practical needs and opportunities cry out for attention and manifestation.

New Guinea Creeper Flower EssenceNEW GUINEA CREEPER [T] Tecomanthe venusta (deep rose with white tips)
Bignoniaceae, Bignonia Family
Clarifies and helps release issues that impede full development of healthy mature sexuality. For women, use in combination with Crepe Ginger, Hibiscus, Papaya (female blossom).
Spirit: Enhances connection with one's starry nature, via will and positivity in exploration of sacred sexuality. Vitality and spirituality blended in tantric play, opening to ecstasy and wonder with a beloved partner. Useful for couples embracing yin aspects of sex including breath, energy work, development of group mind, extra-sensory sensitivity; but main use is for women, reclaiming joy in a healthy natural experience.

New Guinea Impatiens Flower EssenceNEW GUINEA IMPATIENS [T] I. x hybrida (pink)
Balsaminaceae, Impatiens Family
Brings patience, serenity, centering when faced with bureaucratic, interpersonal, traffic or situational annoyances. Be gentle with the self and conditions within which one finds oneself; helpful to endure apparently unbearable psychological "climate changes." Allows one to set an intention and follow through, see the point in enduring superficially intolerable situations. Useful during "long hauls," where one needs assistance keeping on track with one's vision.
     For those in educational or career situations marking time in anticipation of far-off reward (graduation, promotion, etc.), this refines the intention for remaining and assists problem-solving to make conditions more endurable. Annoyances are more easily endured, as well as drought regarding vital human connection and mutual understanding.

Ololiuqui Flower EssenceOLOLIUQUI [SACRED MORNING GLORY] [C] Turbina corymbosa, syn. Rivea corymbosa (white with yellow-green center)
Convolvulaceae, Morning Glory Family
Major sacred hallucinogen for indigenous Mesoamericans.
Body: Assists detoxification from addictive substances.
Psyche: Restimulates and recreates peace, harmony and inner stability for clearing issues contributing to dependency on external substances to nullify inner agonies. Once stabilization has occurred, the opportunity for clearing and releasing is opened, as a door into realms of Light and joy.

Opium Poppy Flower EssenceOPIUM POPPY [C] Papaver somniferum (pink)
Papaveraceae, Poppy Family
Alleviates physical or psychological pain and suffering. Allows one to examine suffering and survival in context of self-created abysmal experiences: poor relationships, dysfunctional life or vocational patterns. Useful in blends clearing past-life problems impacting the present.

Orchid Cactus Flower EssenceORCHID CACTUS [T] Disocactus x Epiphyllum (bright red)
Cactaceae, Cactus Family
Enhances wholesome embodiment, robust vitality, healthy sensuality; an invitation to explore sexuality's vital force with respect. Heals shame-based issues around sexuality. Taste the pleasures of Earth without fear; be willing to put oneself into the world for intensely vital experiences.

ORNAMENTAL GINGER [T] Alpinia purpurata (red bracts, white flowers)
Zingiberaceae, Ginger Family
Mends breaks in the aura created by blasts of sound energy. In oversensitivity to excessive environmental stimuli (too much activity, overwhelm) helps focus attention inward. When awake at night from over-stimulation, helps calm the nervous system; balances meridians.

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