Flower Essences: PQ

Pampas Grass Flower EssencePAMPAS GRASS [G] Cortaderia selloana (white, buff)
Poaceae, Grass Family [Fescue Tribe]
Beneficial to spine, pineal-pituitary chakra system, general presence and purpose.
Psyche: Own one's power to manifest magnificence; enhances dynamic personal magnetism for leadership in situations requiring clarity of intention. Develops will around public speaking, in spotlight for righting unjust situations. Allows one to stand up and be noticed, speak truth, put oneself out front to be seen and responded to.

Paperbark Tree Flower EssencePAPERBARK TREE [T] Melaleuca quinquenervia (white)
Myrtaceae, Myrtle Family
Clears respiratory passageways: lungs, sinus, bronchi.
Psyche: Ameliorates disassociative disorders, psychological insulation: useful for those who walk around with their heads in a fog, shut down, isolated within a cocoon-like void as preferred coping mechanism; thick grey clouds clear and disperse. Enhances deliberation: practical, pragmatic grounding for flaky types. Helpful for those manifesting as dense, dull, stubborn, excessively practical to the point of denial of the spiritual, those who let doubt hold them back from expansion.

Papyrus Flower EssencePAPYRUS [T] Cyperus papyrus (green)
Cyperaceae, Sedge Family
Aids attunement to Pleiadean energies, ET seeding civilizations; enhances connection with one's "home planet" or the Starseed mission. Aids communication with Starseed energies; a bridge between expanded dimensions and 3D. Alleviates psychic "static" when attempting to communicate with expanded realms.

PATCHOULI [T] Pogostemon nigrescens (purple)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Opens heart, throat and crown chakras; aligns spine, inner energy patterns and meridian flow for kundalini development.
Spirit: Transcends barriers to spiritual progress. Allows one to harmonize with spiritual masters for attunement, information transferal. Use with Silversword for accessing galactic consciousness.

Peruvian Lily Flower EssencePERUVIAN LILY [G] Alstroemeria ligtu (pink with brown streaks)
Alstroemeriaceae, Alstroemeria Family (or Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family)
Assists meditation on celestial realities, connecting with one's own understanding of higher archangelic realms. Opens the veil between illusory 3D experiences and celestial manifestations beyond; useful for scientists, stargazers, astronomers to restimulate spiritual wonder: the Universe is an expression of divine Grace. Enhances opening to the ecstasy of the moment; opens the mind to incorporate higher realities, cosmic grandeur and spaciousness.

PEYOTE [C] Lophophora williamsii (pink)
Cactaceae, Cactus Family
Enhances blood circulation to brain; liver tonic. Opens chakras in hands, feet, throat; connects pineal-pituitary circuitry. Increases mental alertness; opens synapses in reptilian brain for development of cellular/racial memory; useful when attempting a return to "native wisdom."
     Useful in head injuries where disorientation is a factor; with other remedies, can stabilize and minimize injuries to brain stem and medulla.
Psyche: Survival issues: gathering data for appropriate response, healthy decisions, intuitive leaps for next steps. Heightens awareness of physical/psychic environment; opens the heart for self-examination, clarifies confused, half-heard messages from the unconscious and/or inner planes. Psychologically unstable individuals return to balance and stability without shutdown or denial.
Spirit: Develops intuition, stabilizes consciousness to access and coordinate multi-level information into a meaningful context. Multidimensional remedy to hear the voices of our ancestors; use to prepare for retreats, vision quests. Enhances inner communion, access to one's planetary mission statement, totality of life experiences past/present/future to learn, grow, transform, evolve. Augments contact with Destiny Angels, for opening the door into galactic oneness; helpful for receiving guidance from the angelic "committee" overseeing and directing one's life path and destiny.

PICKEREL WEED Flower EssencePICKEREL WEED [G] Pontederia lanceolata (blue)
Pontederiaceae, Pickerel Weed Family
Clears liver of congestion; aids regeneration, assimilation of fats. Affects brow chakra in discernment issues; mild effect on hands and feet chakras.
Psyche: Aids discernment, detachment around others' issues; releases emotional or psychological entanglements. Find what is truly required in interpersonal process, vs. what is expected: spiritual responsibility vs. societal or personal egoic pressures.

Pineapple Flower EssencePINEAPPLE [T] Ananas comosus (bright purple)
Bromeliaceae, Bromeliad Family
Chakra amplifier. In meditation, opens and stimulates all chakras to carry an increased charge of Light; useful in Light Body work. Use with spiritual practices for weeks, stop for several weeks, repeat; this allows assimilation of cellular changes that follow initial charging of the chakra system. Good in blends; can be used alone, but be sure of intention or anticipated energetic changes will be diminished.

Pineapple Sage Flower EssencePINEAPPLE SAGE [T] Salvia elegans, syn. S. rutilans (red)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Enhances vitality, abundant life force. Balances physical/energetic systems: blood pressure, circulation, respiration, digestion, endocrines.
Psyche: Releases stress, negativity, tension for calm in heightened activity; decision-making is based in reason and peace. Useful for those who hold control over a large concentration of energy and forces for group effort: CEO's, managers, executive types with difficulty laying down their work burdens. Restores joy, innocence, ability to remain present when one has opportunity to relax and let down one's guard but finds oneself still tense, focused on work or other stressful experiences.
Spirit: Heightens attunement with spiritual masters for bringing through the soul's mission.

Pink Bauhinia Flower EssencePINK BAUHINIA [T] B. monandra
Fabaceae, Legume Family [Caesalpinioideae Subfamily]
Balances bipolar inequalities caused by biochemical imbalance.
Psyche: Tremendously healing for emotional bruises from the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." Softens the psyche, bringing a more even keel. Although it will not, in and of itself, heal a bipolar expression, it will bring relative calm to emotional extremes. Take when beginning to lose center; bipolar desperation is alleviated immensely. In hyper-emotionality, allows one to feel emotions without overwhelm.

Apocynaceae, Periwinkle Family
Enhances shamanic states, hearing the voice of the heart. Expedites bridge-building within the psyche; clears confused messages from the subconscious. Best used consciously in process work, ideally in altered states; appropriate with hypnotherapy, shamanic dialogue, inner-selves work to facilitate true healing around addictions and neuroses, rather than behavior modification.

PINK PROTEA Flower EssencePINK PROTEA [T] P. compacta
Proteaceae, Protea Family
Solidifies will and determination, increasing the body's ability to respond to exhaustion, stress, duty and the willingness to continue. Take ongoing when required to work or carry much responsibility. Brings a more open, grateful attitude, and relaxation and energetic release once work is completed.
Psyche: Powerful force for healing in mental realms: distraction, compulsion, obsession, tantrums, disorientation, hallucination, autism; "frazzled" nerves, inability to concentrate. Brings more compassion and connection with others; useful when mental qualities have become too fixed or rigid, and in interpersonal communication where feelings have become hardened.
Spirit: Stimulates the crown chakra, augmenting transfer of energies from spiritual to physical.

PINWHEEL PROTEA [T] Leucospermum catherinae (yellow-orange)
Proteaceae, Protea Family
Enhances neural firing, stimulates creative spark.
Psyche: Frees linear thinking into circular and wholistic, increasing opportunities for hunches and intuitive leaps. Useful for creative endeavors, new inventions, problem-solving for entire civilizations; also for circling thoughts where one gets into a negative loop and can spiral down. For bright minds bouncing off the walls, who have no particular vision in world service that leads them; maintains integrity in conservative situations where free thinking is not encouraged.
     One does not solve a problem at the level it was created; this remedy allows one to spiral up into Higher Mind and more attunement with the Higher Self to find positive solutions.

Pitcher Plant Flower EssencePITCHER PLANT [T] Nepenthes sp. (green & brown)
Nepenthaceae, Pitcher Plant Family
Impacts pancreas and related ductless glands. Useful for irritations and ulcers in duodenum and small intestine; aids digestion and assimilation. Supports healing in muscular/connective tissue: strains, sprains, lesions, inflamed tendons.
Psyche: Impacts the solar plexus to follow one's gut instincts, find the truth in events, words and actions. In psychotherapy, helps remain centered while going deep within the psyche.

Potato Flower EssencePOTATO [G] Solanum tuberosum (purple, white)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Brings one to the still point in center, that wisdom may be uncontaminated by perceptions and prejudices. Enhances purification of the psyche through the third-eye chakra, as a preparation for the inpouring of Spirit. Allows one to reassess values, judgments, and relationships that may have been "hooks;" with wisdom and insight, inappropriate thoughts and attitudes can be laid aside, and inner chambers of the psyche cleared in preparation for further spiritual initiations.
     "The clear bead at the center changes everything; there are no edges to my loving now."—Rumi

PRINCESS FLOWER Flower EssencePRINCESS FLOWER [T] Tibouchina urvilleana, syn. T. semidecandra (purple)
Melastomataceae, Melastoma Family
Strengthens and charges neural pathways in those working with the Light Body, to handle the increased Light frequencies and be less appealing for neural diseases inhibiting the body's ability to hold this energy. Strengthens DNA, stimulates regrowth, realignment and accurate replication; enhances its ability to recombine into the promised fuller strands.
Psyche: Enhances qualities of generosity, hospitality, magnanimity, assumption of friendship, the desire to manifest harmony, goodwill; allows us to more ably express our royal natures to work in harmony with the Plan.
Spirit: Calling to the spirit's magnificence: remember one's starry origins and connections, purpose of the Plan and Earth's history within it.

Pseudosedum sp. [G] (red/orange & yellow)
Crassulaceae, Stonecrop Family

     A bridge between the known and unknown, the sacred/mystical and concrete/physical.
Psyche: Enhances perseverance, especially when situations get stressful or complicated; useful for procrastination issues. Amplifies willingness and presence for developing practical abilities. Brings one out of excessive introversion or moodiness into sunny disposition, cheerful endurance and tolerance for others.
     Encourages respect and appreciation for one's roots, family of origin; brings easier acceptance of familial affection. Allows more bonding with family, especially for adolescents who have moved into judgment and embarrassment around parental paradigms. Anticipates that maturity which allows one to receive all that is valid and good, while setting aside or minimizing familial difficulties. Allows greater connections with others central to one's life.
     In death and dying, use to detach from the physical, focusing more on soul and spirit work. Releases attachment to Earth-plane and its inhabitants; shifts focus to celestial realities and soul friendships unbound by space/time limits. Dying becomes easier, releasing friends and loved ones as it is innately understood that soul connections are eternal.
Spirit: Assists opening to subtle data from electrical, etheric, energetic realms. Stimulates "gut-level instincts," hunches for added information-gathering.

Pua-Kenikeni Flower EssencePUA-KENIKENI [T] Fagraea berteriana (white to orange)
Loganiaceae, Strychnine Family
Offers angelic protection from habitual thought-patterns reinforced by addictive substances and behaviors. Repels negative thoughtforms in context of substance abuse and related altered states; refocuses negativity into positivity, releases aggressions, addictive tendencies. Offer to alcoholics who have difficulty controlling rage, other strong emotions. Useful with Ti Plant when clearing obsessive states in alcoholics and those tormented by negative dreams.

PURPLE GRANADILLA [T] Passiflora quandrangularis (violet & blue & white)
Passifloraceae, Passionflower Family
Supports the nervous system and all endocrines; balances energy cycles. Charges chakras with vitality and chi; eases depression, melancholy.
     For women: assists hormonal regulation, menstrual cycle, fertility and conception issues. Use with Pomegranate essence for problems with womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cysts.

PURPLE WATERLILY Flower EssencePURPLE WATERLILY [T] Nymphaea x hybrida (bright violet)
Nymphaeaceae, Waterlily Family
Opens crown and brow chakras to spiritual euphoria, ecstasy. Instigates a chain reaction of cellular transformation, allowing the body to absorb increased levels of Light and spiritual transmission. Enhances direct communion with spiritual masters and guides, and with Higher Self.

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