Flower Essences: R

Rainbow Eucalyptus Flower EssenceRAINBOW EUCALYPTUS [T] E. deglupta (white)
Myrtaceae, Myrtle Family
Creative exuberance; mental alertness. Encourages those who frolic in nature and commune with devic relatives to redefine their sense of reality, access dream states and other non-linear modes of information-gathering.
Spirit: A doorway to other dimensions; lessens insistence on this version of reality. Setting an intention or using a modifying remedy helps define which "doors" one chooses to go through.

Red Flax Flower EssenceRED FLAX [G] Linum grandiflorum (red)
Linaceae, Flax Family
Releases petty annoyances between friends, to take responsibility for actions and attitudes in deep relationships. Drops defenses against love and communication, clears miscommunication blocks between dear friends and lovers. Brings determination and commitment to all aspects of romantic/partnership relationships. Releases misunderstandings, shifts priorities to loving harmony rather than be aggravated by imperfections. Useful for the "next steps" in relationship clarification.

Red Shrimp Plant Flower EssenceRED SHRIMP PLANT [T] Justicia brandegeana (bronze bracts, white flowers)
Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family
Increases parental understanding of duties in child-rearing. In violence-prone families, helps clarify parental responsibilities, release abusive behavior; transforms and mitigates anger to further clean communication.

Redwood Flower EssenceREDWOOD [W] Sequoia sempervirens
Taxodiaceae, Bald Cypress Family
Tonic for skin: useful in shingles, eczema, psoriasis where skin is reddened, dry or peeling. Balances and detoxes the system from external pollutants. Useful in allergic reactions: pollen, dust, molds, airborne pollution, etc. Enhances longevity; endocrine tonic, most notably for adrenals. Topically applied, assists circulation, relaxes the muscular system, releases physical stress.
Psyche: Helps clarify values and ethics so one may more easily resist negative influences, stand strong and free of excess outer influence. Useful for ditherers, those who can't make up their mind or who are overly influenced by others.

Rehmannia Flower EssenceREHMANNIA [G] R. angulata (rose-purple & yellow with red dots)
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Healthy alignment of body/psyche/spirit. Rebuilds and revitalizes chi in vital organs, especially liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas. Augments physical/energetic circulatory systems.
Psyche: Encourages healthy decisions regarding lifestyle choices; brings one more into tune with the body's needs and processes. Brings a relaxed, empowered attitude about work and play; highly recommended for those so involved in their mental bodies that they forget to provide for the needs of the physical and emotional.

Rhodochiton Flower EssenceRHODOCHITON [G] R. atrosanguineum (maroon & black)
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Clears, balances and aligns all meridians, chakras, nadis, subtle bodies. Facilitates healing and release of toxins; enables the body to assimilate other forms of healing.
Psyche: Booster to other remedies to expedite emotional healing and transformation.
Spirit: A Light Worker's remedy for balance of body and psyche; allows one to remain spiritually stable in environments where Light and higher frequencies have been limited. Useful to many Starseed, especially those just waking to their own potential: provides clarity, sanity and proper perspective regarding one's existence and purpose of life on Earth at this time.


Rosaceae, Rose Family
[essences co-created with Sharon Fridrick, Oregon USA]
Introduction to the Rose Essences:
In 1983, Gurudas brought forth an important book in the vibrational medicine field, titled Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing. It included the channeled statements, "Roses are a separate and complete system of healing and conscious growth in themselves, and will become extremely important in the future . . . Many Roses important to this work have been hybridized in the last ten to several hundred years." These statements have intrigued me for years, and we have recently brought through a collection of Rose essences with which to explore this concept. They tend to work on specific areas of brain function, including the mind/body connection that scientists now call psychoneuroimmunology (PNI); if you are working within this exciting field, please consider adding Rose essences to your repertory.

Rose Blue Nile Flower EssenceROSE 'BLUE NILE' Hybrid Tea, mauve-lilac
Impacts heart chakra; strengthens heart for rhythm regulation, awareness of physical condition for self-assessment of one's health. Extended use impacts genetic structures carrying family temperament paradigms.
Psyche: Enhances logic, concentration, language/communication skills. Allows one to exert conscious will over limited, harmful or useless thoughts; slough off despair and depression.
     Useful for those who tend to think the worst of people, assuming negative motives and intentions; allows one to transmute and release long-held thoughts and emotional patterns which cause one to presume irritability and judgment where no animosity is intended. Contradicts pain and fatigue when oppressed under self-inflicted emotional tyranny.

ROSE 'CLASS ACT' Floribunda, creamy yellow
Aligns cervical vertebrae, releases tension in shoulder muscles, pinched nerves in upper spine; useful for craniosacral work, osteopathy. Impacts frontal and parietal lobes, basal ganglia, passage of information from the limbic system.
Psyche: Antidepressant; useful for elders and those under long-term stress leading to a shut-down of enthusiasm and creativity. Allows one to reclaim lost positivity, innocence, wonder and appreciation for life.

ROSE 'CLYTEMNESTRA' Flower EssenceROSE 'CLYTEMNESTRA' Hybrid Musk, palest peach-pink
Releases stress, trauma, negative impressions. Supports digestion and assimilation where impacted by fear, stress, worry.
Psyche: Brings harmony, peace and blessings; protection in balance with outer circumstances.

Rose Comtesse du Cayla Flower EssenceROSE 'COMTESSE DU CAYLA' China, rosy pink
Helps assimilate nutrients for blood- and bone-building; enhances regeneration and accurate replication of neural tissues.
Psyche: Enhances caring, forgiveness, attraction and attention. Opens the heart for release of grief. Self-esteem issues: when feeling a lack of abilities and self-worth, learn to honor, acknowledge and love the self through psychological or physiological difficulties. Makes the process of learning easier because one is not self-chastising.

ROSE 'CRIMSON GLORY' Hybrid Tea, rich crimson
Clears psychic detritus in the heart and thymus inhibiting intersystemic communication. Allows energetic detoxification of the thymus for reprogramming PNI systems with more heart-centered, loving messages. Assists lymphatic drainage; impacts temporal lobe, cerebellum.
Psyche: Attitude adjustment for low self-esteem, feeling unworthy of healthy love. Trust that one is in one's right place.

ROSE 'DAGMAR SPATHE' Floribunda, white with red color "breaks"
Impacts thalamus and hypothalamus, directing meta-messages to the rest of the body. Stimulates the medulla and limbic system for processing and quick release of emotions, especially rage and fear. Clears blocks caused by allopathic medicine's side effects; allows the body to slough off toxins inherent to the medicine with less unpleasant body reaction.

ROSE 'DOUBLE DELIGHT' Flower EssenceROSE 'DOUBLE DELIGHT' Hybrid Tea, red & creamy yellow bicolor
Enhances freedom of movement in stiffened limbs and joints. Apply topically in carpal tunnel, myofascial, connective-tissue work. Holds the pattern of wholeness and intercommunication within the body-mind.
Psyche: Brings a balanced, emotionally centered, happy attitude. Assists understanding and formulation of underlying beliefs which may inhibit true healing and healthy interpersonal exchange. Combine with Verbena bonariensis to assist a long-term shift of attitude in physical or emotional-therapeutic healing.
     Clears resentment and hostility toward others, especially in intimate or family relationships. Repairs rips in the energy body related to shock and trauma received from family members and memories, including those sustained in utero. Brings closure and release of old family or cultural memories, especially those carried over multiple generations.
     In considering the effects of negativity and cynicism on the physical body, one may become more willing to refrain from nasty emotional habits of blaming and resentment, knowing the vibrational impact they have on the physical liver and kidneys.

ROSE 'DYNASTY' Hybrid Tea, red
Enhances function of medulla/brain stem/limbic system; aids walking, balance and gait, fine motor skills. Tonic for genetically-based optic nerve deterioration. Impacts crown chakra and pineal gland to receive and absorb Light, convert it into a form the body can use; useful secondary support for melatonin levels and Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD).

Stimulates peripheral nervous system, especially in arms and upper body; increases information input, comprehension, transferal. Brings greater awareness of one's environment and relevant factors. In neuralgia, phantom pain, assists the mind/body in choosing which information to focus on or filter out.
Psyche: Calms and tones emotional stress; softens attitude toward difficulties and challenges, to shift attention from pain and suffering to gratitude, hope, reconnection to the source of one's issues and opportunities. Enhances the virtues of mercy and compassion; facilitates closure of old emotional stories, release of excessive grief; useful in weaning, loss, resentment to release negative experiences.
Spirit: Enhances consciousness and self-awareness in regards to one's place in the Plan.

Rose Handel Flower EssenceROSE 'HANDEL' Floribunda Climber, pink & white bicolor
Stimulates cerebellum and limbic system to release fossilized emotional patterns developed in early childhood: unreasonable fears, negative expectations. Useful in birth/separation trauma, abandonment, difficulties from lack of childhood emotional support and understanding.
Psyche: Releases old memories and experiences "loaded" with excessive judgment and over-reaction.

Rose Honor Flower EssenceROSE 'HONOR' Hybrid Tea, white
Stimulates throat chakra, prefrontal cortex.
Psyche: Useful for those desiring personal integrity: right relationships, clean communication, good judgment. Assists discernment regarding the right to speak up for change and/or what to release, in dispassion (use Blue Flax for release). In difficult workplace relationships, allows one to choose where and when to take control of a situation. Helps harmonize with others without loss of integrity; stand firm and centered to address impacts of inappropriate negativity from others. Best use is in solitude, calling to mind the difficult situation or person; then receive inner information how best to communicate, clear difficulties.
     Deva: "Walk with impeccability the path that is given to you, and let no one take you from that path."

ROSE 'HUGH DICKSON' Hybrid Perpetual, rose-red
Assists craniosacral, chiropractic work. Use topically to increase circulation, clear and release fossilized emotions in stubborn energetic constrictions of muscular/connective tissue. Enhances capillary action, red blood cell replication and function.
Psyche: Enhances positivity and hope, in relationships where attitudes and beliefs have become so hardened as to predispose rejection of new ideas and attitudes.

ROSE 'JOSEPH'S COAT' Floribunda Climber, red/orange/yellow tricolor
Clears blocked circuitry in brain and nervous system; increases speech, motor skills.
Psyche: Corrects emotional body imbalances leading to minimization of pleasure, stagnation, assumption of limitation. Useful for those who have become adjusted to limitations in their mental/emotional health, who feel stuck, discontent with a life and opportunities that seem unappealing. Enhances the positive attitudes of perseverance, good hope, cheerful optimism. Opens one to new experiences and opportunities.

ROSE 'LAGERFELD' Flower EssenceROSE 'LAGERFELD' Grandiflora, pale lavender
Useful in study, learning, problem-solving. Facilitates memory/information linkage with new systems of thought and perception; assists integration of information received with currently held beliefs, to be harmonized and the attitude expanded to include new truths and assimilate updated information. Useful for scientists and skeptics who use their negativity as a shield against new ideas and information. Combine with Lapeirousia to rebuild the psyche from crippling self-beliefs and attitudes; add to formulas for problem-solving and self-esteem, especially where one has felt self-judgment or shame for not feeling "good enough."

Rose Love Flower EssenceROSE 'LOVE' Floribunda, red with white reverse bicolor
Supports blood-building; enhances oxygen delivery. Assists lymphatic system in flushing dead and damaged cells. Strengthens thymus and spleen for increased leukocyte production; enhances appropriate immune response. In mycoplasma/viral infections, allergy/microbial intolerance, assists assimilation of "friendly" organisms, destruction of pathogens.
Psyche: Increases communication between friends and intimates; enhances understanding of others' intentions, including towards oneself.

Rose Nearly Wild Flower EssenceROSE 'NEARLY WILD' Floribunda, pink & white bicolor
Provides a jolt to the nervous system, to clear enough psychic detritus to allow for new vision, opportunity and understanding. Increases nervous system vitality, alertness and information transferal. Informs the Body Deva regarding new input, allowing greater conscious choice in response; one becomes less restricted and reactionary in response to new stimuli.
Psyche: Brings conscious awareness of unconscious patterns. For those who have lost the capacity to imagine something better, this remedy brings possibility and delight, and the capacity to participate more fully within the world.

ROSE 'NYVELDT'S WHITE' Hybrid Rugosa, white
Calming to the nerves.
Psyche: Increases well-being, patience with one's process. Calms emotions, judgmental attitudes arising from annoying situations. Balances feelings of overwhelm, impatience, irritability, hysteria, inner discord.

Rose Precious Platinum Flower EssenceROSE 'PRECIOUS PLATINUM' Hybrid Tea, rich red
Enhances craniosacral adjustments; apply topically. Assists blood-building; support for bone-marrow disorders. Cleanses and repairs uterine linings for normalization of menses.
Psyche: Clears feet chakra blocks causing psychological instability manifesting as ungrounded, flighty, spacey. Balances excessive emotional states including fear and rage. In PNI disorders, combine with Ayahuasca for mind/body dialogue; and with Roses 'Honor' or 'Nyveldt's White' to clear negative memories impacting the physical body.

ROSE 'ROSE EUTIN' Hybrid Musk, rosy-magenta
Inspiration, breath, oxygenation; enhances oxygen exchange, passage of air elements throughout the system. Purifies cerebrospinal toxins, enhances antibody function.
Spirit: When calling in Light to the cellular structure, this remedy is useful in the physical changes needed to incorporate higher guidance and wisdom.

ROSE 'SECRET' Flower EssenceROSE 'SECRET' Hybrid Tea, pink/cream/white tricolor
Opens heart-thymus, hands and feet chakras.
Psyche: Impacts ancient memories, past-life/early childhood experiences where issues of abandonment have created an expectation of disappointment. Useful in emotional damage from abuse, neglect: feeling isolated, alone, misunderstood, useless. Trust one's own opportunities and options to better oneself; feel creative, empowered, useful, capable, lovable. Enhances productive connection to one's source of sustenance and destiny. For those who never believe that anything good is meant for them: contradicts hopelessness, helplessness regarding authentic, loving relationships. Useful for abandoned or traumatized animals.

ROSE 'SHINING HOUR' Grandiflora, yellow
Useful for hypothyroidism, obesity issues. Enhances nutrient assimilation, cellular activity and metabolism in the elderly, increasing general vitality and faster healing from surgery, injury or disease. Regulates melatonin for healthy sleep cycles.
Psyche: Brings one out of emotional or mental "slumps," to excite the attention and direct it away from sad thoughts and memories. Useful for those who tend to dwell on negative past experiences; contradicts gloom and depression by encouraging a sunny outlook, increased activity in body and mind, alertness and attention to outer circumstances. Encourages mental and sensory stimulation, enthusiasm for life. Stimulates hope and encouragement in difficulties, increased perspicacity and mentation.

ROSE 'SOLITUDE' Flower EssenceROSE 'SOLITUDE' coral-pink & orange bicolor
Adapts circadian rhythms to changing circumstances: jet lag, job shift changes, etc. Assists flushing of toxins from urinary/excretory systems. Enhances digestion of unusual foods, unfamiliar protein forms; assists dietary changes including the shift to vegetarian proteins. Enhances spoken word assimilation, facilitates brain function in coordination of areas related to speech, motor skills, comprehension and adaptation. Expands perceptions to include hunches, intuition and attention to detail that become grist for problem-solving.
Psyche: Increases tenderness in relationships; opens the heart to more loving interactions. Allows one to speak from the heart without fear of shaming, to clear conflicts and build understanding. Useful for those who have had shame and blame in the past over verbal expression. Increases problem-solving; enhances cogitation/logical thought, day-dreaming and right-brain function for extra perception of previously unnoticed details. Add to self-esteem formulas for clearing poor self-worth, and shyness from lack of interpersonal skills.

Rose Sunsprite Flower EssenceROSE 'SUNSPRITE' Floribunda, chrysantha-yellow
Builds bridges between brain areas involved in the creative process. Helpful for post-natal brain damage, autism: builds new neural pathways in damage to the left frontal lobe or brain dysfunction through surgery, accident or injury; useful when developing new skills, motor abilities including speech formation.

Rose Timeless Flower EssenceROSE 'TIMELESS' Hybrid Tea, deep pink
Carries the healing intention for accurate cellular replication, to enhance the positive change acquired through energetic shifts in body work. Increases left/right brain communication in processing and accessing information for creative problem-solving, verbalization, artistic endeavors, intuitive hunches.

Rose Flowered Jatropha Flower EssenceROSE-FLOWERED JATROPHA [T] J. integerrima, syn. J. hastata (red)
Euphorbiaceae, Spurge Family
Clears constipation in colon. Regenerates bone marrow to build new blood cells.
Psyche: Empowers and activates the will: gets people off their butts and out manifesting their dreams. Present, grounded, vital, friendly and open; direct, honest, true to heart and vision; allows one to manifest with high energy, steadfast stability. Brings detachment, to be happy for another rather than jealous or envious; entanglements that hold one back from one's true vision fall away as unimportant.
Spirit: Focuses concentration, energy to sustain intensity of work. Enhances the virtues of self-sacrifice, dynamic love in action in service to humanity. Aligns heart with greater Light in one's life.
Rose Geranium Flower EssenceROSE GERANIUM [G] Pelargonium capitatum (rosy magenta)
Geraniaceae, Geranium Family
Synesthesia; enhances sensual delight; assists the ability to perceive and enjoy stimuli on many levels. Dissolves boundaries of the physical senses, to more enjoy the experience of being in the body. Combines well with Naked Lady, other sensual remedies; use in massage oils for increasing receptivity to touch.
Psyche: Augments the ability to bear and survive harsh, unpleasant situations, in Light.

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