Flower Essences: S

Salvia Carabiniere Flower EssenceSALVIA 'CARABINIERE' [G] S. x splendens (dusky purple)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Brings clarity and serenity during heightened activity. Enables a group to discern and focus more deeply on the spiritual implications and communion inherent in ceremony.

San Pedro Cactus Flower Essence RemedySAN PEDRO CACTUS [C] Trichocereus pachanoi (white with brown-red reverse)
Cactaceae, Cactus Family
Enhances auric protection from many types of radiation and contaminants: EMF, ELF, nuclear, sound/aural, air pollution, etc. Works on auric levels rather than physical; helps the Body Deva choose which types of influx best serve general health, and reject other qualities of input. Assists function of energy body in its role as a filter for external energies. Useful in MS, auto-immune disorders; stimulates the immune system's discernment.
     This essence impacts communication throughout the Body Deva's systems. Each aspect has its own level of awareness; when these are not communicating and coordinating clearly with other systems, we have dysfunction. Although used alone it will not cure karmic conditions, San Pedro Cactus can assist in simple systemic miscommunication.
Psyche: Expands auric boundaries. Filters information coming into the psyche, for clear messages of good intent; useful in power and manipulation situations, where negativity on any level could be easily taken on from others. Illuminates issues of self and other; find harmony in disparate viewpoints and realities.
Spirit: Opens crown chakra; assists influx of Light to higher chakra centers, which is then distributed throughout the body by the Body Deva.

Sansevieria Flower EssenceSANSEVIERIA [T] S. liberica (white)
Agavaceae, Agave Family
Useful for those who work in deeply unpleasant situations, highly charged, stressful environments: provides protection and blessing that negative impressions will not go so deep, will be easier to bear and release. Cuts psychic cords, allowing one to distance from intense emotional dramas. Brings courage and optimism in adversity, arising from a strong spiritual center. Helps inner-city people develop skills of sweetness, and psychic protection.
Spirit: Enhances the ability to find sweetness and Light within oneself and one's environment while engaged in harsh outer circumstances. Augments meditative practices, especially when examining suffering from a dispassionate viewpoint. Deep within one's spiritual center, find blessing no matter where one finds oneself.

Scabiosa Flower EssenceSCABIOSA [G] S. atropurpurea (dark magenta)
Dipsacaceae, Teasel Family
Allows one to remember, examine, release early childhood/buried issues, old emotional wounds with wisdom, inner guidance. Understand karmic cause of hurts and blocks in the emotional body to clear karma, forgive and understand the roles of all involved. Releases emotional issues and complicated relationships, especially those played out over time. In past-life therapy, use with Angel's Trumpet to access information from Higher Self and Karmic Council for spiritual overview. Examine original Cause; action/reaction; attitudinal exacerbation; and choose best options for release and healing. Combine with Mulberry, Rice, Golden Seal, Wormwood for completion and release of old connections based on "tit-for-tat," oppression/repression.
     Excellent past-life remedy to reconnect into the "knowing" that was tortured and defiled through anti-witchcraft practices, and for assistance in clearing these issues.
Spirit: Enhances communion with all life forms; useful in blends for devic, nature attunement.

SCARLET GILIA Flower EssenceSCARLET GILIA [W] G. aggregata, syn. Ipomopsis aggregata (red)
Polemoniaceae, Phlox Family
Empowering to the throat chakra, especially for women who have tended to stay silent and give away power in the face of oppression. Helps one to speak truth in clarity, live one's integrity with firm intention of doing right.
     When it is time to let go of a lie, this remedy will come up. When one makes a choice to speak out against oppression in a way that will empower in the long run all those involved, one cannot let personal fears interfere with the ability to speak with clarity and presence. This is not about deliberately trying to hurt another: this is about saying, stop the oppression so no one continues to be hurt!

Scarlet Passionflower EssenceSCARLET PASSIONFLOWER [T] Passiflora vitifolia (red)
Passifloraceae, Passionflower Family
Stimulates circulatory and meridian flows. Energetic balance between crown and root chakras: "Head in the clouds, feet on the ground." Impacts throat, hands and root chakras; secondary resonance in crown, solar plexus, feet chakras. Nerve tonic, hyper-tension relief; for insomnia, excessive worry, suggest 7 drops in glass of water or chamomile tea, five minutes before bed.
Psyche: Intensely vital, exuberant, expansive. In interpersonal relationships, facilitates candid, frank self-disclosure for developing bridges between people. Useful for those unwilling or unable to speak their truth for fear of censure.

Sensitive Plant Flower EssenceSENSITIVE PLANT [T] Mimosa pudica (purple)
Fabaceae, Legume Family [Subfamily Mimosoideae]
Strengthens the will and auric field to endure psychological intensity without losing psychic grounding. For those who are timid, shy, easily overwhelmed by others' intensity, psychically invaded; protects from uncouth or coarse vibrations in others, allowing free flow of love and wisdom between receptive, respectful beings.

SHASTA LILY Flower EssenceSHASTA LILY [W] Lilium washingtonianum (white with magenta dots)
Liliaceae, Lily Family
Aids and rebuilds dendritic action; cleanses the nervous system and meridians to facilitate synaptic response. Useful in brain injury, scarring, nerve damage.
Psyche: Brings clarity and dispassion toward 3D conundrum "realities." Increases telepathic/empathic ability among humans; use with proper shielding techniques (Sensitive Plant is a good balancer).
Spirit: Brings clear, dispassionate stillness to anxious inner chatter. Develops inner states conducive to meditation and communion with Higher Self and angelic forces. Attunes one to forces of Light in geologically sacred sites; useful in ceremonies honoring Earth, in harmonic communion with the land.

Sheep Sorrel Flower EssenceSHEEP SORREL [W] Rumex acetosella (red, yellow)
Polygonaceae, Buckwheat Family
Allows one to clear old karma, giving away all the pain one has been holding onto as one's "right" from being oppressed. Helps define which issues are highest priority, where to begin disentanglement. In hopelessly entangled situations, assists untying karmic knots that bind: "Loose the strands that bind me to others, as I release those strands I hold." Illusions and imperfections are sorted, disentangled with insight, forgiveness, understanding, release.



Sisal Flower EssenceSISAL [T] Agave sisalana (green)
Agavaceae, Agave Family
Empowers spiritual magnificence. Allows one to endure lesser qualities of others without giving in to annoyance at their imperfections; greatly appreciated by those who desire to maintain strong spiritual center. We become beacons of Light, broadcasting stations for loving majesty and joy; encouraging others, inspiring and attracting those of weak spiritual will to develop this strength within themselves.
     Those who, in their majesty and strength of spirit, are required to be psychically sensitive may be overwhelmed at times by the coarse and crude behavior of others. Rather than shutting down or becoming inured, this remedy increases strength, perseverance and tolerance of others' lesser qualities without "stooping to their level." By standing tall and broadcasting a majesty of spirit, we are more able to be inspirational to others; and their own vibrations may be lifted.

Snowdrop Bush Flower EssenceSNOWDROP BUSH [W] Styrax californicus (white)
Styracaceae, Storax Family
Strengthens the heart; brings vitality to ethereal fluidium, assists circulation. Enhances electrical connection for assimilating energies into the etheric body; useful in acupuncture, body work focusing on energy systems. Use with Morning Glory to cleanse meridians.
Psyche: Releases stress and pressure when faced with complicated issues; allows one to perceive more clearly that which is before one. Brings upliftment, joy, appreciation for being human: it becomes an honor rather than an excuse.
Spirit: Good assist to Light Body work; facilitates the "Rainbow Bridge" connection between 3D and celestial realms, allowing free transfer of extra-dimensional energies into the human vehicle. Helps hold focused concentration in meditative states; enhances natural communion with angelic and devic forces. Brings receptivity to the human experience for those new to Earth and not yet reconciled to contextual limitations (gravity, mortality, etc.); eases the shock of assimilating angelic aspects of self into earthly experience.

Society Garlic Flower EssenceSOCIETY GARLIC [T] Tulbaghia violacea (lilac)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Addresses women's electrical and energetic systems; tonic and harmonizer for menopausal process. Use with Mallow, Motherwort, Pomegranate and other essences in combination. Regularizes hormones, thyroid production; suggest boosting with gem elixirs.
Psyche: Harmonizes will with intellect and love; useful for women accused of being too strong or forceful, as well as those who have been too self-effacing or timid.

SPANISH LAVENDER Flower EssenceSPANISH LAVENDER [G] Lavandula stoechas (purple)
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Enhances development of spirituality; helpful in considering other versions of reality, gifting to Life to uplift the human condition. Useful for those beginning to follow their path who get stuck in earthly realms, material concepts; brings mental discernment regarding spiritual unfolding. For adolescents developing sexual and partnership preferences where one has been inconsiderate, self-centered; sets the intention and desire for mutually healthy interactions. Develops concern for others as an expression of understanding community: what each of us does impacts the others. Aids communion with like-minded partners; assists discernment of right relationship as opposed to simple animal magnetism.
Spirit: Stimulates the crown chakra for euphoria, expansion, grace. Brings poise, consideration; enhances self-examination, introspection that personal gifts may be recognized and brought forth in service to the greater Good.

SPANISH NEEDLE [W] Bidens pilosa (yellow)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Helianthus Tribe]
Allows one to clarify, claim your own space in a healthy way; useful in households to interact harmoniously, brings joy to living together. Impacts psychological boundary issues related to family. Expands the aura into joy; sometimes there is psychological depression when one isn't getting what one needs.

Spice Ginger Flower EssenceSPICE GINGER [T] Zingiber zerumbet (white & yellow & red)
Zingiberaceae, Ginger Family
Assists decongestion of respiratory system, nasal and sinus passages; useful for asthma. Decongests bloodstream; preventive for headaches and migraine, in those who recognize oncoming symptoms. Use with 'ISP,' Eucalyptus to assist clearing long-term lung problems.
Psyche: Clears "congestion" from personal life, stimulating change in stagnant situations: lifestyle, vocation, etc. Catalyst for stimulating will in clarity; brings calm decision-making, ability to self-support inventive processes. Autonomy encouraged, with sensitivity to others.

Spider Lily Flower EssenceSPIDER LILY [T] Crinum erubescens (pink with red reverse)
Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family
Strengthens connections with others; increases enjoyment, participation in life. Enhances vital embodiment; expands the pleasure of being in a body. Helps find one's proper place in a spiritual group; harmonizes unique individuals with an already existent or coalescing group, that the pain of being judged or perceived as different may fall away so their gifts come free of psychic scarring, and are more easily assimilated by others.
Spirit: Useful for those on the spiritual path who carry deep psychic scars from being judged and mistreated because of their seeming difference; heals the sense of separation, brings greater self-understanding and respect; allows one to value uniqueness without moving into separatism. Support for spiritual group work; activates individual principles in service to the group mind.

Spilanthes Flower EssenceSPILANTHES [G] S. oleracea (yellow)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Helianthus Tribe]
Enhances electric connection to vitalize the immune system. Increases alertness, vitality, body sensitivity in context of needs vs. desires, etc.

SPOTTED CORAL ROOT ORCHID Flower EssenceSPOTTED CORAL ROOT ORCHID [W] Corallorhiza maculata (red & white)
Orchidaceae, Orchid Family
Support for community bonding: watching for the shadow of a community, helpful in working through the dark parts. Increases understanding of each other's needs, perfections, gifts; strengthens unity and cooperation for working together in harmony. Shadow issues in the group subconscious can be released and healed when community agrees this is a priority.

STARFRUIT [T] Averrhoes carambola (purple & white)
Oxalidaceae, Wood Sorrel Family
Helpful in finding the roots of unconscious compulsions, sexual or habitual patterns. Allows one to trace fetishes and aberrations to subconsciously-stored sources for comprehension and illumination; useful in combinations for exploration, excavation, release and redemption within the psyche.
     This remedy is not for light-hearted journeys into the psyche, as it may be unnerving to find weaknesses and shadows in the closets of our minds; but when the time for true transformation occurs, to "feel and heal," this will expedite the inner journey.

Statice Flower EssenceSTATICE [G] Limonium sinuatum, syn. Statice sinuata (blue-violet)
Plumbaginaceae, Leadwort Family
Assists in holding stillness and center when faced with a sense of urgency in transition. In situations of change and chaos, creates calm in decision-making. Use with Fremontia for changes in life, vocation, travel plans, survival issues; keeps one centered while adapting to new and changing needs.

Sticktight Flower EssenceSTICKTIGHT [W] Hackelia californica (white)
Boraginaceae, Borage Family

     For those in healing professions, and their clients with life-threatening illnesses.
Body: Useful in profound illness for assessing the situation and one's options. Brings sweet release of stress around pain; allows one to compartmentalize, isolate pain and keep it from overwhelming the system. Selectively inhibits neural receptors to minimize pain signals that they may not be so overwhelming. In terminal illness, facilitates progressive unhooking from the physical plane; suggest using over the last 6 weeks-6 months of a terminal disease progression.
Psyche: Eases depression, calms fears and trepidation around dying, allowing for less resistance. Useful for doctors and other professionals who find themselves struggling with boundaries of empathy and detachment; brings deep compassion without emotional attachment to the outcome.
Spirit: Enhances potent contemplation and meditation leading to breakthroughs in understanding of the human condition, its disease and mortality paradigm, and opening to the experience of eternity in soul work. Useful for meditation and spiritual practices, especially those attempting to raise one above the concept of limitation into co-existence with Divine Glory (Hebrew: "Hashem") and Peace.
     We are all eternal beings, as promised in sacred texts throughout time; this remedy allows us to experience from a place of powerful inner knowing, the essence of Eternity and our place within it.

SWEET POTATO [T] Ipomoea batatas (lavender)
Convolvulaceae, Morning Glory Family
Vigor; endurance, physical stability; support for adrenals and kidneys. Helps balance energy output with inner resources.

SWEET WILLIAM [G] Dianthus barbatus (white)
Caryophyllaceae, Carnation Family
For heart-opening, to desist from self-inflicted mental/ emotional torture, especially in disappointing romantic relationships from unreasonable expectations. With Hierba de la Pastora, increases the ability to respond to the true needs of a relationship while avoiding resentment and grudge-holding that interferes with wholesome interactions. Use at the beginning and end of romantic relationships, to release negative expectations of hurt and disappointment. Combine with Bachelor Button to assist opening the heart to valid emotions of loving connection, rather than be held back by the pain of past disappointments.

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