Flower Essences: TU

Tall White Lettuce Flower EssenceTALL WHITE LETTUCE [W] Prenanthes altissima (white)
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Cichorium Tribe]

[essence prepared by Judy Steele, Maryland USA]
Body: Assists breathing in grief states; opening to life. Nadis in chest expanded. Impacts solar plexus, enhancing life-force.
Psyche: Strengthens ability to bear grief through connecting with Higher Self; useful for those emotionally depressed, shut down, in despair or futility. Alleviates suffering, increases ability to bear grief without surrendering. Stimulates a deep connection with the undying joyousness of universal Life; transfers focus from fear, grief, abandonment and pain to hope, joy, new options. Useful in change, where loss is mourned more abundantly than hope and joy for coming times.
     In grief states, brings one out of catatonia and depression to increased interest in one's surroundings; useful in care of elders. In Alzheimer's disease, breaks the tape-loop of internal dialogue so that others may communicate more freely.

TARO [T] Colocasia esculenta (creamy yellow)
Araceae, Arum Family
Provides a root to Earth's magnetic fields for grounding; impacts hands, feet and first (root) chakras.
Spirit: Assists one-pointed meditation; stills inner chatter. Facilitates past-life recall of Polynesian, Lemurian times to access stored experiences therefrom, reclaiming abilities for spirit/nature affinity and pragmatic farming skills in harmony with Nature (use with Job's Tears). Encourages reconnection with elementals and devas to bring forth abundance in horticulture.

Thimbleberry Flower EssenceTHIMBLEBERRY [W] Rubus parviflora, R. rosaefolius (white)
Rosaceae, Rose Family
Assists attunement to angelic forces, and with nature spirits, offering communion and connection with different kingdoms: humans, plants, animals, fairies, angels, etc. Give to children when instructing them about wholistic relationships to Earth and its non-human inhabitants, then lead guided meditation to establish rapport with angelic or devic presences. Deepens harmony between the self and elemental forces of Nature. Creates a mild euphoric state natural to the 4D communication realm; resonates in the heart and spiritual body.

Thread Palm Flower EssenceTHREAD PALM [MEXICAN FAN PALM] [G] Washingtonia robusta (creamy pink)
Arecaceae (Palmae), Palm Family
Assists in unhooking negative impacts impressed upon the DNA. Useful in genetic disorders of bone and bone marrow, or genetic predisposition for inherited cancers.
     These disorders, and the ability to inherit them, come from the inclination of one's karma to be receptive to them. When dealing with these physical disorders, one must work on multiple levels in shifting the energies holding clients to these negative patterns;look to karma-clearing remedies as well as those clearing the DNA. This is not work to be undertaken lightly; one must realize the disorder needs to be cleared and released on all levels. This essence will ideally be part of larger formulas that address all parts of the work.

THRIFT [G] Armeria maritima (pink)
Plumbaginaceae, Leadwort Family
Increases perspicacity in relationships and actions; self-effacement and modesty through connection to one's spiritual source, as opposed to worldly glamour. Harmonizes the ego with affluence expectations and behaviors; brings humility in abundance. Helps the psyche to retain its sweetness; abundance is expressed through generosity, sharing and fellowship.

Thunbergia Flower EssenceTHUNBERGIA T. mysorensis [T] (scarlet & yellow)
Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family
If you truly believe you can't live without another, this remedy is for you!
Psyche: Empowers the psyche to remember strength of center, release patterns of giving away power to make another comfortable or happy. Our happiness is not dependent on another's, but on us following our own paths toward the Light: get on with life and transformational opportunities without feeling hindered by others' expectations. Use truth, intelligence and will to define one's needs without pulling others away from their own. Specific for codependence; encourages the ability to persevere and manifest truth, power, goodness.
     Useful for those who can't stop talking and thus give away power: ask for what you want, then stand aside and allow the universe to express itself in the fulfillment of your desires. Be careful what you ask for!

Ti Plant Flower EssenceTI PLANT [T] Cordyline terminalis (white, pink)
Agavaceae, Agave Family
Strengthens the auric field to resist psychic invasion. Helps clear and release invasive thoughtforms and psychic presences; invasion is often indicated when feeling compelled to activities not serving the highest option, which appear to have no base in one's history. Plugs leaks in the etheric field to release, remove and return to their source, strange compulsions and negative attitudes. Useful in psychically-stressed environments: scenes of violence, trauma or death. Grounding for Rainbow Warriors; use in sprays for clearing personal space.

TITAN ARUM [T] Amorphophallus titanum (red spathe, white spadix)
Araceae, Arum Family
Sexual development, maturation. Useful in adolescent and menopausal hormonal imbalances, and disorders arising from declining sex hormones in aging adults. Stimulates a hormonal response to intimacy and romance, especially in post-menopausal women and those who have allowed this energy to atrophy in their personal lives. Proper balance of sexual hormones may result in increased or decreased sex drive, as appropriate. Especially useful in hormonal disorders arising from a feeling of shame or disgust with ones own body. May be useful in fertility issues and normalizing menstrual rhythms.
Psyche: Useful for dealing with and resolving fears of dating, sexual activity or procreation.

TOBACCO Flower EssenceTOBACCO [C] Nicotiana tabacum (pink)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Eases nicotine craving; helps release psychological and physical addictions to marijuana, tobacco. Provides an alternate ability to commune with the overlighting Devas of these plants without ingesting the smoke.
Psyche: Brings integrity and clarity to decision-making; emotional issues are kept in balance. Useful for unsettling dreams and nightmares of feeling lost, unable to "get back."
Spirit: Enhances opening to spirit while remaining grounded on Earth. Powerful tool for contact with "spirits:" use with discernment, prayer and intention to create an atmosphere of rarity, to call in only beings of high intent. Grounds those who go between the realms: shamans, those who work extensively in altered states. In death and dying, facilitates the ability to let go in love and surrender.

Torch Ginger Flower EssenceTORCH GINGER [T] Nicolaia elatior, syn. Phaeomeria magnifica (pink)
Zingiberaceae, Ginger Family
Develops the personality to accommodate the need for greater responsibility and consideration of others. Useful for recalcitrant beings under assumption all they need is day-to-day experience: allows them to come out of narrow experiential realms into consideration of their actions' effects on others. In codependence, irresponsibility, short-sightedness, brings consideration, reason, understanding and responsibility in family situations. Useful for new parents attempting to understand and expand parental responsibilities; refines personal experience to reflect inner lessons. Helps comprehend choices and ramifications of present actions.

TUBE FLOWER [T] Clerodendrum indicum (white)
Verbenaceae, Verbena Family
Assists maintenance and healing of all the body's ducts and tubes: strengthens and balances valves, opens constrictions in Eustachian, esophagus and bronchial tubes, alveoli. Helpful in obstruction or constriction of body parts. Strengthens valves and sphincters including heart valves, pyloric, anal sphincters. For mild valvular disturbances, recommended dose is 3 drops stock concentrate, 4 x day for 3 weeks. Enhances connective tissue development and function; helpful in carpal-tunnel syndrome.
     Assists release of fatty tissues, excess cholesterol and other obstructions of blood vessels; use in consort with herbal/naturopathic modalities. Opens constricted capillaries causing discomfort as in migraines, caffeine withdrawal, etc.
     Assists sloughing of excess scar tissue from accidents, injuries, surgeries. Useful for preventing ectopic pregnancy in those with obstructed fallopian tubes; especially useful for older women who desire to conceive without genetic damage. Three months prior to desired conception, begin at stock concentrate, 2 drops 2 x daily for 6 weeks; rest for three weeks; resume for three more weeks, then begin attempts at conception. Impacts feminine fertility in purification of genetic flaws, and properly timed ripening of ova.
     In urinary disorders, clears kidney stones and other urinary obstructions involving the bladder, ureter, or urethra. Alleviates gallstones by allowing the bile duct to relax and open, facilitating flushing of solids from the ducts. Enhances grounding through the feet and second chakras.
Psyche: Encourages sweetness of character, presence and perspicacity in personal relationships, to better understand the emotional and mental positions of others, allowing bridge-building between personalities. Assists focus and concentration for increased communication between brain hemispheres; useful in problem-solving and developing new ideas via creative input and inter-hemispheric connections.
Spirit: Enhances one-pointed focus on one's ideal in meditation.
Deva: "I assist the flow: of energies, of fluids, of balance throughout the body."

Tulip Flower EssenceTULIP [G] Tulipa pulchella var. Humilis (violet-pink)
Liliaceae, Lily Family
Assists breath practices designed to deepen contact with ones Higher Self and Guardian Angels; calms the system for awareness expansion, allowing room for new insights and inner messages to percolate from the subconscious, which the Higher Self often uses to communicate with the conscious self. Assists in integrating spirituality with physical incarnation.
     Some people go about the spiritual quest as a life-or-death struggle: Grow or die! might be their motto. With Tulip essence, the emotional charge around the spiritual path is lessened to a more calm and compassionate level, for understanding and associating with other humans who may not have this commitment to their spiritual growth. Balance the inner drive for spiritual growth and perfection with the understanding that there is more to the quest than proper breathing exercises and surgical removal of personality imperfections. More patience on the spiritual path; realize the quest continues so long as we breathe and even beyond. There is enough time for all the lessons and growth one needs; if it were not so, more time would be given! Trust the nature of the spiritual path, in bringing to you just the lessons you need at just the time you need them. Leave room for serendipity and play in spiritual development.

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