Flower Essences: V-Z

Valerian Flower EssenceVALERIAN [G] Valeriana officinalis (pink, white)
Valerianaceae, Valerian Family
Expedites physical healing of accidents, injury, broken bones, torn tissues; use topically and orally. Polarizes and excites the molecules in cellular consciousness to reorganize into fuller DNA particles, impacting the body's ability to mutate into a vehicle capable of holding more Light; this happens first on energetic levels, and may take several years to manifest physically. Soothing, healing to nerves and irritabilities in the physical body.
Psyche: Brings tremendous power to recognize the cause of accidents and create breakthrough healing. Allows one to find the truth in situations, and organize thoughts into more useful patterns. Calms and soothes the emotional and mental bodies; enhances vitality in rebuilding body systems. Brings mental balance in stressful or traumatic experiences, allowing one to slow down and focus outward.
Spirit: Enhances the experience of radiant beauty and harmony. Encourages alignment with one's purpose, duty and willingness to serve.

Verbena Bonariensis Flower EssenceVerbena bonariensis [G] (magenta)
Verbenaceae, Verbena Family
"I release my need to control and conform."
Body: Balm for stiff neck, arthritic joints; loosens mind, neck, attitudes, fingers, expression.
Psyche: Ameliorates stiff, rigid conceptual thinking, and the inability to find tenderness with loved ones. Helps release hostility, judgment, hardened attitudes.
     Those who lead and teach by shaming, keeping others in fear of retribution, displaying rigid, overbearing behavior and high expectations, can release their inner 'Taskmaster' and find less abrasive methods of communication for more playful, sincere life and creativity.

Veronica Flower EssenceVERONICA [G] V. spicata (blue, violet, pink)
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family

     A high remedy for purity and softness of spirit.
Psyche: Allows one to slough off 'samsaras,' soul scars that have limited the psyche. Purifies self-limiting beliefs regarding what one is truly capable of, and what one may have settled for in exchange for true joy. Sweeps the chambers of the heart to cleanse it of all that does not serve the spirit's unfolding: self-limiting beliefs about sexuality, self-worth, abilities for service, manifestation, intelligence, etc. Holds aloft the vision that one is Spirit manifesting through soul and body, and nothing truly can hinder the perfection of that manifestation.

Vinca Rosea Flower EssenceVINCA ROSEA [T] Catharanthus roseus (white with pink center)
Apocynaceae, Periwinkle Family
When radical restructuring of lifestyle around romantic relationships is required, this remedy helps process available options more freely and completely. Enhances the ability to see where one has given away power to a fantasy relationship crumbling before one's eyes: helps the process of shock, recovery, healthy decision-making.

Vine Maple Flower EssenceVINE MAPLE [W] Acer circinatum (red & white)
Aceraceae, Maple Family
Impacts pancreas for insulin balance; balances blood sugar, hypoglycemia. Stabilizes behavior problems related to biochemical and/or blood sugar imbalances. Minor impact on throat, brow, and crown chakras.
Psyche: Offers the qualities of rest and respite; seek Beauty and find it everywhere. Allows one to rise to highest options in complex decisions, examining opportunities in an unhurried manner.
Spirit: Opens the inner sight to perceive luminous Glory around all living things. Brings solace, wisdom, peace in daily conundrums, to facilitate innate nobility and grace of character, and the ability to rise above frustrations, setbacks, external irritants. Specific for Starseed people uncomfortable in their incarnations, to harmonize with and more easily accept the limitations inherent to the paradigm without surrender to imperfection.
     Deva: "I AM that which you have sought: the grounding connection to this peaceful planet. Look behind society's veils of promised worth and value, to that which is most nobly worthy of the human spirit; let your actions in the world be from your sense of connection to it and all living things."

Viscaria Flower EssenceVISCARIA 'BLUE PEARL' [G] V. oculata, syn. Lychnis coeli-rosa (blue-violet)
Caryophyllaceae, Pink Family
Restores biochemical balance affecting the brain.
Psyche: Healing to the mind realm: in cases of possession, distraction, obsessive thoughts, confusion, psychosis, brings calm, dispassion, mental understanding, and restores the grasp of reality. Useful to sort circling thoughts, find useful ones and discard others. Helps focus concentration for study and breakthroughs in mental understanding: e.g., advanced concepts of consciousness/matter interfacing, quantum physics, theoretical mathematics.
Spirit: Heals limited concepts of religion; opens the door to Higher Mind.

WATER HYACINTH [T] Eichhornia crassipes (violet with yellow & blue splotch)
Pontederiaceae, Pickerel Weed Family
Impacts water retention; useful in edema. Facilitates perspiration, stimulates urinary system for release of toxins, excess fluids.
Psyche: Cleanses and balances the emotional body, allowing one to rise above emotional murkiness, release shame or self-denigration for being emotional. Harmonizes hysteria; in excessively emotional states, brings one back to centering and calm. Useful for women with barriers over the heart or sexual chakras; use with Naked Lady, Orchid Cactus to clear blocks in emotions, frigidity from fear of expression.
Spirit: Useful for meditation, especially "Blue Star" practices, Higher Mind, Violet Flame; transforms, transmutes inaccurate or outgrown perceptions of one's spiritual path. Aids attunement to the Water element, expression of intuitive properties specific to third-eye chakra.

WATTLE [T] Acacia decurrens (pale yellow)
Fabaceae, Legume Family [Subfamily Mimosoidae]
Tonic, meridian enhancer; restores balance of immune system under stress. Regulates adrenal rushes related to power confrontations; calms nervous system.
Psyche: Brings balance, perspective, clarity and sanity to mental unease and power issues. Helps withstand negative authority conflicts; allows one to speak truth with strength, remain centered and calm, keep focused on what one is asking for. With other remedies, can control the tendency to flame into anger over misuse of power; thus is useful for adolescents or those with little power to say how one is being treated. Enhances the ability to be polite, but not necessarily accommodating.

WESTERN ANEMONE Flower EssenceWESTERN ANEMONE [W] A. occidentalis (white)
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
Opens hands, throat and brow chakras for productive work and spiritual healing such as Reiki, laying-on of hands, etc.
Spirit: Sets spiritual intention for working on the self: the Impersonal Life. Enhances inherent purity, strips away parts of the self not conducive to the spiritual path. Maintains group harmony in personal practices within a spiritual community. Rids mind of chatter for focus on Spirit; messages of Divine intent are free to come through. Image is of a crown of Light, which transforms and transmutes mental confusion to peace, calm, hope, and quiet inner joy.

WESTERN COLUMBINE Flower EssenceWESTERN COLUMBINE [W] Aquilegia formosa (red & yellow)
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
"Not my will, but Thine be done." Offers a shortcut through karmic complications, to "get" the lesson without having to repeat it or remain enmeshed. Allows one to comprehend and learn from mistakes; accelerates the adventure without missing anything important of the lesson. Untangles complications brought on by excessive use of will, unconnected to wisdom centers.
Spirit: Integrates will and wisdom in one's personal path, to clarify choices; enhances the ability to examine and redefine beliefs regarding the spiritual path and one's progress thereon. See swift changes in greater wisdom, aligning one's personal will with the Tao.

WESTERN REDCEDAR [W] Thuja plicata (reddish cones)
Cupressaceae, Cypress Family
Spine and spinal column; enhances alignment of vertebrae in stretching. Useful in craniosacral and osteopathy work, realigning energy flows.
Psyche: Tonic for the heart chakra; releasing stagnation, depression, hopelessness. Illuminates and enhances understanding of confusing, dark, tortured, or mentally unsettling parts of ones past. Perseverance in difficulty, taking the long view of projects and situations that may seem daunting. Useful in combination with Sisal or Wattle when dealing with difficult personalities, especially those prone to emotional violence. This allows one to separate oneself from the difficult behavior and attitudes of another person.
Spirit: Allows one to stay more connected to ones center and highest intentions. Enhances the ability to remain positive and open-minded, a virtue when facing the unknown.

Wild Cucumber Flower EssenceWILD CUCUMBER [T] Cucumis dipsaceus (orange-yellow)
Cucurbitaceae, Gourd Family
Enhances sweetness, modesty, simple contentment: appreciating our own path. Frees one from occasional resentment, the sense of having chosen to limit oneself or settle for less. Dispels depression; people feeling unfulfilled in their profession or lifestyle may need to realize the question of fulfillment is an inner one.
     There is nothing wrong with blooming where you're planted; the operant word is, "Bloom!"

Wild Ginger Flower EssenceWILD GINGER [W] Asarum caudatum (dark brown-red)
Aristolochiaceae, Birthwort Family
Useful for healing herpes where the karmic source is sexual shame.
Psyche: Uncovering roots of sexual abuse trauma; significant remedy for healing sexual shame and negative early imprinting. Inspires and amplifies the courage to heal, in connection with the spiritual path. In recovering the joy of sacred sexual touch, release fear and frigidity/impotence. Use with Caladium for victim/perpetrator issues.
     When too many choices become confusing, this remedy helps discern best choices for one's life. Brings clarity in life direction, and the sweetness and joy of knowing one is in harmony with one's purpose.

WOOD ROSE [C] Merremia tuberosa, syn. Ipomoea tuberosa (yellow)
Convolvulaceae, Morning Glory Family
Augments meridian flow; use when healing and rebuilding damaged tissue: transplants, skin grafts, etc. Enhances vitality in body cells and tissues. Use externally as dressing for burns, damaged or scar tissue, etc. In massage, expands and relaxes the client's perception of time, allowing more conscious attention and enjoyment.
Spirit: Stimulates the astral body, opens the mental body to turn within to receive and connect with inward, subtle energies. Frees the self from earthly concentrations, remembering one's Starry origins, celestial family and connection to Gaia. Use with Ayahuasca, Angel's Trumpet for expanding experiences beyond the physical body.

YACU PIRI-PIRI [C] Justicia pectoralis (white & purple)
Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family
Herbal entheogen from the upper Amazon, admixture to Waiká Indian snuffs.
Psyche: Releases judgment blocks inhibiting soul evolution. Assists integration of past experiences into collective wisdom-consciousness, facilitating enhanced evolution of the greater human family in general. Expands wisdom-body to embrace all earthly experiences as experiments in consciousness; useful for releasing judgments about "bad" behaviors in self and others.
Spirit: Opens pineal-pituitary circuitry for remote viewing, visualization, expanded perception of options. Expands second-sight capabilities to assist detection of body imbalances; useful in diagnosis of clients' needs, both in physical issues and in response thereto. Use with Yopo for psychic diagnostics. Augments psychic link to "spirit helpers" and disembodied healers, to facilitate interdimensional communication in healing therapies.
     Opens connection circuits in mid-brain for consciousness expansion, release from mortality paradigm; useful in astral travel, death and dying issues.

YAHUTLI [C] Tagetes lucida (yellow)
Asteraceae (Compositae), Sunflower Family
Impacts throat, third eye and crown chakras; occipital lobe and cerebellum, thalamus and hypothalamus; assists dissemination of higher information in the body through hormones and the seat of consciousness.
For shamans and healers who go out-of body and journey to find information for their clients or themselves; assists calming the physical body while opening to expanded dimensions. Opens one to multidimensional channels for reception of energy and information. Powerful shamanic tool; use with Wild Tobacco [research] essence for contacting and clearing karmic stories. May be useful in trance-channeling.

Yellow Foxglove Flower EssenceYELLOW FOXGLOVE [G] Digitalis lutea
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Enhances the spirit's ability to bring through joy. Regenerates energy in the aura of those who are sad; everyday experience becomes more enjoyable. Dissipates anger inside the inner child; use to forgive the past. Balancing quality for those in inexperience and folly, playing around, trying to be joyful in inappropriate ways: drugs, over-involved sexual activity for amusement's sake. Enhances contact with the Higher Self, to align with the joy of spirit and harmony of nature.

YELLOW FOXGLOVE BUD [G] Digitalis lutea
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Tremendously healing to the broken hearts and suffering of those exposed to traumatic death, the loss of friends or loved ones. Transforms fossilized emotion around past traumas, where ordinary reality is snapped in a second.
     Grief lodged in the belly deadens sensation in the emotional body, and makes difficult the process of healing. This remedy lightens the load of grief, and connects one into the wisdom of the spiritual body for eventual understanding; useful for post-traumatic stress disorder, Vietnam vets, those continuing to grieve and carry guilt.

YESTERDAY-TODAY-TOMORROW Flower EssenceYESTERDAY-TODAY-TOMORROW [T] Brunfelsia latifolia (purple & lilac & white)
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Enhances vitality of the heart, bloodstream, ethereal fluidium. Assists longevity via enhancing overall vitality of cellular process, including metabolism, regeneration and repair, and accurate DNA replication. Soothing to nerves made toxic by allopathic medicines; enhances detox via liver, kidneys, skin, lungs. Aids acid/alkaline balance.
Psyche: Enhances communication skills, emotional connection with others; softens barriers to communication. Lessens difficulties with the mother figure. Enhances feminine perspective in men and women; increases the sense of beauty, appreciation and connection to others.
Spirit: Enhances connection to Source, attunement to the wisdom-body.

YOPO [C] Anadenanthera peregrina (white)
Fabaceae, Legume Family [Subfamily Mimosoideae]
Opens the pineal-pituitary circuitry for inner sight; stimulates the third eye for opening to unseen realms. Assists in developing clairvoyance for diagnostic purposes: reading the physical and etheric bodies for flaws in the energetic fields that may be now, or soon will be, manifesting on the physical. Opens perceptions on energetic and auric levels; useful with other remedies for divination of prescriptions and practices for healing.

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