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BORNITE [Peacock Rock]
Helps hold the harmony of cellular patterning. Stimulates vitality, supporting overall health by assisting cooperation of the Body Deva in harmonizing various processes including endocrine flow and mind/body (PNI) communication. Increases assimilation of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. Useful for convulsive and spasmodic conditions. Strengthens adrenals, assists adrenaline balance and production; increases blood circulation.
Psyche: Stabilizes the psyche in difficulties; enhances self-esteem, positivity and good attitude for enhanced appreciation and gratitude in one's life, and emotional stability under stress. Enhances interpersonal communication by augmenting mutual cooperation and understanding; allows for magnificence of spirit, beneficence, goodwill.

Body: Pushes toxins out of all subtle bodies, facilitating physical detox. Impacts thymus gland, stimulates the immune system; useful in immune deficiency. Augments gall bladder function in appropriate production of bile. Support for glandular system, with primary impact on the pituitary. In menopausal glandular imbalances, facilitates and augments function of impaired glands and, with remedies for detoxing the system, can return endocrine glands to healthy function. Impacts the pancreas in balanced insulin production, assimilation of sugars. Facilitates mitosis, enhances accurate replication; preventive for degenerative disease.
Psyche: Sorts mentation to release limited, dead-end thinking; clarifies and helps detox the mental body from long-held negative attitudes and beliefs, excessive negativity in general. Combine with Okra for a more optimistic outlook.
Spirit: Assists contact with ascended masters and etheric beings who reside on the yellow or Wisdom Ray: Maitreya, Djwal Khul, Saint Germain, others.

Body: Invigorates etheric body, increasing vitality and chi. Deepens breathing, amplifies oxygenation of red blood cells; useful for some anemias and blood disorders. In immune deficiency, retroviral infection, impacts T-cell count. Assists hypothalamus in coordinating the body system. Strengthens smooth muscles, heart, hair and nail growth. Muscles, tendons, nervous system are brought into more normal alignment; assists manual dexterity, enhances auditory nerves. Clears earaches and jawbone inflammation.
     Stimulates the frontal lobe; assists mentation, information-gathering and networking systems, relating disparate pieces of information into a whole; boosts the intellect with whole-brain thinking. Impacts chakras in soles of feet for grounding and vitality: exchanging chi with the Earth.
Spirit: Useful with prayer and request for further information regarding life purpose and destiny. Empowers spiritual will to support positive change in one's life, attitudes and actions. Enhances the heart-opening qualities, to find oneself consciously connected to all forms of life on Earth.
[elixir prepared by Cynthia Johnson of Silversword Essences, Maui USA]
Spirit: Brings joy into daily life: true joy as an expression of divinity and limitlessness, manifesting in and through limited 3D reality. Useful for Starseed people, especially those who've forgotten their origins or who don't remember how to reclaim their sovereignty and divinity. Contains the seeds of an emerging consciousness regarding one's true divinity; counteracts depression related to feeling heavy and solid, stuck on Earth in trying times. Its core message is that one's soul is free; one's reality is alterable; attitude is everything, and one can choose at any moment an attitude that serves the emerging spirit.
     Inspires self-confidence in one's spiritual path, to reclaim the always available connection of spiritual nurturance and sustenance. Can be used to reawaken memories for Starseed, to choose to stop limiting their reality and come to embrace their full multi-dimensionality. Especially useful for youthful beings who have not yet found their conscious purpose in incarnating, and who feel lost and disconnected with the current version of reality, striving to find purpose in the illusory panorama of life on Earth.
     Yes, you are powerful and majestic beings; yes, you are greater than whatever is given you to do; yes, you are capable of connecting with Spirit and bringing this radiant blessing into your daily life; yes, you are capable of incurring and creating joy. It is there for you to reach out and take into yourself, on the very next breath. Feel free—literally!

KRYBRYONE [Meteorite: Libyan Desert Glass]
Useful aid to clearing retroviral and prionic lifeforms. Powerful tool in the fight to clear AIDS and encephalopathies (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome, "mad cow" disease); shifts energetic vortices to help clear these organisms from the physical structure.
Psyche: Expands attitude and optimism, clarity of mentation to develop intellectual ideas and hypotheses. Enhances intuitive hunches in intellectual pursuit. Problems are not solved on the level created; spiral up into Higher Mind to find the answers.
Spirit: Steadies the psyche and physical systems to incorporate rarefied energies while channeling information. Clarifies psychic states to more easily access and retrieve information from etheric realms.

MAUI'S BLACK CRYSTAL [Augite Pyroxene, Hawaii USA]
Aids attunement to one's purpose in context of the coming changes; find oneself in the right place at the right time, doing the right action with the right attitude. Use with 'Solstice Gem' to partake of the Akashic Records, bringing through transmission of the past, present and future story of planet Earth's subjugation, enthrallment and eventual liberation. Use with 'Maui Light Body' to assist embodying and acting upon one's dharmic pattern.
     Suggested use on two levels: for personal dharma in context of the next 10-20 years, take before meditation with conscious intention of exploring one's dharma and service.
     On a larger level, use to attune to the planet's geophysical processes for ascertaining safe zones for refugees and citizens seeking relative stability in the coming changes. Find oneself drawn or called to move to other areas of the planet, or of one's own county.

PETOSKEY STONE [Petrified Hexagonal Coral Colony, Michigan USA]
Eases bone ossification, problems with calcification, and compression and resultant damage of spinal disks. Strengthening to joints and related muscles; aids repair of torn cartilage and connective tissues; strains, sprains, etc. Assists repair of brain structures damaged from aneurysm or stroke; assists balance of blood pressure without fluctuation from hysteria, over-emotionality, etc.
Psyche: Offers healing and release of ancient emotional detritus, memories held in the etheric body which interfere with appropriate structure and activity of the skeletal frame.
Spirit: For those with an interest in psychically divining the spiritual and energetic history of life on Earth; useful for channeling events and experiences from ancient Earth epochs such as Paleozoic and Silurian times.

Facilitates tissue regeneration and DNA replication, augmenting alignment in DNA-RNA information transferal. Enhances cellular metabolism, bringing joy into the body. Purifies bloodstream of toxic matter, incompletely re-assimilated hormones. Assists metabolism of fats and dairy products; useful for lactose intolerance, nutrient assimilation specifically calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and iron, vitamins A, B and E. Useful for arthritis, rheumatism, disorders of blood and bone marrow, heart disease, hardened arteries, hardening of bones or skin (scleroderma). Amplifies life force, expands longevity; strengthens the heart, thymus, adrenals, spleen, thyroid. Impacts crown, third-eye, heart and solar plexus chakras. Aligns skeletal structure.
Psyche: For past-life therapy, use in altered-states work to contact multidimensional information regarding karmic origins and causes of current issues. Stimulates dreams and astral journeys, providing grounding during and after, allowing full assimilation of information gained. Allows forgiveness and healing in ancient emotional stories; eliminates worries. Opens the heart to release fossilized emotional debris conflicting and constricting the heart chakra.
Spirit: Augments information transferal to the wisdom-body for soul guidance. Enhances connections to Earth via grounding feet chakras, encouraging a return to Earth wisdom and connection with Nature. Enhances meditative states.

PETRIFIED WHALE BONE [Scammon's Lagoon, Mexico]
Helps assimilate dietary minerals for the skeletal structure. Useful in bone density issues; assists assimilation of calcium, iodine and other minerals associated with seawater; prevents excessive buildup of salts in the body, allowing the urinary system to work more effectively.
Spirit: For spiritual communion with aquatic mammals, cetaceans; holds the pattern of interspecies relationships and communion, building bridges between sentient mammalian life-forms.

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