In the interests of serving the greatest good, transformation and healing within all beings, Hummingbird Remedies and Canadian Forest Essences have agreed to draw upon each others' essence repertories in creating new formulas. Remedies from the Canadian Forest collection used in the following formulas are marked with an asterisk [*]. I thank Nichola Roberts for her openness and cooperation in allowing us both to bring forth increased opportunities in healing combinations. For further information, contact Canadian Forest Essences at the links page.

[Amaranth, Bee Balm, Celery, Eucalyptus, ET Pyramid, Ginger, Jasmine, Pansy, Rhodochiton, Snapdragon, Tomato; Wavelengths of Light #1-#24*]
Body: Heightens immune-system response to invading viral organisms. Individual remedies stimulate immune response, balance mucous production, protect balance of circulation and body temperature, ease sore throats and lung congestion. Take at first signs of cold or flu: sneezing, sniffles, lowered vitality, etc., in hourly intervals for 2-4 days: 4-7 drops per dose; or dilute 12 drops of stock in one quart pure water, sip throughout the day.

[Western Columbine, Dandelion, Lilac, Yellow Foxglove Bud, Jamaica Vervain, ET Pyramid, Veronica spicata]
Potent tool for clearing and releasing toxic or traumatic experiences, returning the physical body to rest and clarity. Use directly on the body with conscious massage techniques to clear and release trauma; facilitates release and closure of negative impressions.
Psyche: Take orally over time to facilitate emotional clearing and release of traumatic experiences such as accidents, injury; aids in understanding karmic origins. Can lead to states of grace, clarity, and deepening wisdom regarding physical pain and trauma.

[Green Rose, Lupine, Live-Forever, Lotus, 'Solstice Gem']
Assists development of channeling ability, receiving inner information in personal, interpersonal and planetary matters. Slows, balances and attunes physical and energy bodies for multi-dimensional states, wherein the presence of unseen beings of high and holy intent can be perceived; enhances reception and understanding of inner guidance via clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience. Messages may come in the form of inner visions; information from the subconscious; inner dialogue with spirit guides, masters, angels etc.; or by being subtly directed toward information and experiences designed to increase one's spiritual understanding.

[Candy Flower, Stork's Bill Geranium]
Stops the earliest stages of cancer, when the energetic pattern of withholding and twisting emotions leads to mutation of cells; halts the process by releasing the stranglehold placed on the health and vitality of the emotional body.
Psyche: Pierces the armor that protects yet betrays the human heart; opens the psyche and heart to receive sweetness and Light from inner, natural human and devic realms: the source of all true healing. Melts barriers that interfere with a free exchange of love; brings unity and humility in group interactions. Encourages inspiration from devic realms; see oneself as part of a web of life, find joy therein.
Spirit: Enhances cooperation between the soul and one's spirit guides, to assist development of moral rectitude and enlivening of the psychic heart for enhanced communication with multidimensional beings; supports the intention to do right in one's life, with the people around one, and within one's own consciousness. Take care of the inner self, hold it as precious; empowering to the wisdom-body in enhancing the soul hookup between higher-dimensional beings and our own spirit.
     Gives assistance on the spiritual journey; empowers the psyche to begin listening to the inner Voice, the Spirit of Guidance, and access evolutionary states of spiritual development to understand the blessings inherent to all aspects of one's life.

[Angel's Trumpet, Banana Shrub, Thimbleberry]
Excellent tool for communing with natural elements; enhances psychic connection to beings of other living kingdoms, mineral and vegetal as well as devic and angelic. Creates a mild euphoria specific to fourth-dimensional (4D) contact. Give to children to illuminate them in regards to their real place in the Plan of Creation, which includes the harmonious interaction between living kingdoms.

'DIAMOND & GOLD' [Gem Combination #7]
Facilitates detoxification of the physical body. Enhances heart vitality (useful for Type-A personalities), rejuvenation and repair of bone marrow and integral cellular structures; increases speed of mentation.
Psyche: Assists dispassionate release of any obstacles to the fulfillment of one's heart's desire, provided it is in alignment and harmony with the Divine Plan. Empowers the will for wise choices, acting on higher intentions. For those with a lack of drive or vision, instills the virtue of right effort and hard work in alignment with one's intentions for service and skill-building. Sloughs excess emotional baggage from the heart and second chakras, for further clarification of right relationships.
Spirit: Powerful vortex for inner understanding, clarification and empowerment of the psyche in creating a life that serves the spirit's unfolding. Develops mastery in the physical plane, including the ability to clarify goals and objectives, and magnetize to oneself the conditions and opportunities that support this manifestation. Aligns individual will and vision with group spiritual vision, to become the magnetic attractant required for shifting group consciousness to higher options. Useful in sprays for group practices, intentional ceremony. Add to formulas for problem-solving, invention and creation, and clarification of goals and objectives in group projects.
     This is not a formula to be used lightly; it implies rigorous examination of one's intentions and actions, that they may be more in alignment with the will of the Most High.

'ECLIPSE MANDALA' full solar eclipse, Hawaii 7/91
[Hibiscus, Lehua, Milkweed, Plumeria]
Breaks open the shells of egoic imperfection interfering with true and valid expression of the human-spiritual force. Transforms the body and psyche to become a more efficient vehicle for indwelling Spirit. Look to indications of chafing at limitations, wonder and desire for something greater, development of intelligent mind asking questions such as, "Is this all there is?"
     This remedy, although made with flowers, carries more profoundly the astrological influences of the day, when total eclipse blocked the sun in tropical climes. Individual flowers don't add up to the critical mass of such a powerful remedy; yet they do have their effects, as follows: Lehua—empowerment, especially of feminine mind; Plumeria—expression of greater love for humankind; Hibiscus—illumination of the emotional body for transformation of expression; and Milkweed—releasing murky inner traits and sticky, clinging qualities.

'GEM GUIDANCE'[Gem Combination #1]
[Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Prehnite, Sugilite, Variscite]

     Ideally taken alone without enhancement from other remedies, this formula packs a pretty powerful wallop.
Body: Enhances harmonious alignment of energetic, astral, and causal subtle bodies. Useful in chikung and other Oriental practices of exchanging energies with others.
Psyche: Assists discernment to avoid trouble or mistakes in choice of companions on any level, including psychic or multidimensional.
Spirit: Facilitates receptivity through intuition, receiving guidance for self and one's circle of influence. In meditative practices, assists energetic stabilization so higher frequencies may be more easily assimilated. Assists psychic opening to etheric, angelic and archangelic realms, and attunement to various masters. Facilitates psychic development; enhances reception of spiritual precepts, access to information records from the Karmic Council regarding self, situations, relationships, past-life karma-clearing and influence of past patterns to be released.
     Enhances psychic or spiritual receptivity; take 4-7 drops orally, with several drops placed on palms of the hand and soles of the feet to stimulate the chakras.
     When one is beginning to contact the spiritual realms for guidance, it is advisable to find or choose a guide who can most easily and powerfully facilitate your own development. Occasionally we get waylaid by lesser guides who have personal agendas; with this combination we find it easier to discern the relative value of the guidance we are given.

[Hawaiian Eclipse Mandala, Koa, Lavender, Nectarine, Rosa webbiana, Shasta Lily, Silversword, Solstice Gem Elixir, Tobacco]
Excellent for all types of altered-states work in service to the Most High: private meditation for inner guidance; group work and spiritual attunement; ceremonial work; channeling; contact with extraterrestrial missions. Facilitates easy transition from ordinary to non-ordinary altered states; useful for going back and forth between the realms. Keeps one grounded, centered, and sane while in euphoric altered states, in conscious communion with angelic forces.

['Restoring E-M Balance*,' 'Restoring B-C Balance*,' Black Cohosh, Beauty Berry, Dendrobium Orchid, Fox-Brush Orchid, Black Wattle, Lupine, Rose-Flowered Jatropha, Naked Lady, Orchid Cactus]
Encourages harmonious embodiment between spirit and form, to retain the balance of material/spiritual outlook. The balanced incarnation includes the ability to remain centered in embodiment while keeping remembrance of the spiritual life. Without conscious care of both, one's outlooks become narrowed and one feels trapped in incarnation. With this type of imbalance, physical disorders manifest as confusing symptoms, nearly impossible for healers to decipher. This formula assists inner recognition of imbalances and their basic themes (usually one of the following: fear in incarnation; overwhelm of physical senses on the developing psyche; self-destructive tendencies rooted in self-distrust or low self-esteem via lack of connection to Source), and allows one to release limiting tendencies. Best used where commitment to working on the self is paramount.

[Amaranth, Celery, Pansy, Rhodochiton, Tomato]
Assists the body in responding to severe immune system disorders: environmental illness, chronic fatigue, retrovirus. Stimulates and augments the body's ability to heal itself when faced with oppressive healing crises. Encourages stamina and perseverance during healing.
Psyche: Assists opening to our own healing process, giving insight into causes and responsibilities of our present condition; stimulates courage and resources for the work required to fight off severely debilitating conditions.

[Rainbow Obsidian, Masdevallia Orchid, Thread Palm, Rose 'Shining Hour,' Indian Pink, Pine, Pink California Poppy, Butterfly Bush, Rose 'Honor,' Viscaria, Purple Laccaria Mushroom, 'Parasitic Balance,' Yahutli]
Assists concentration, reception and comprehension of new information, and in mentally collating and accessing information already stored. Enhances the capacity to transport information in the developing brain. For animals and people ready to "learn new tricks;" may be useful for memory disorders, ADD/ADHD.

[Douglas' Campion, Longan, Peach, Pickerel Weed, Rehmannia]
Powerful tonic for cleansing and rebuilding the liver; regenerates and empowers associated meridians, rebuilding and revitalizing chi. Clears liver of congestion, aids assimilation of fats and liver regeneration.

[Lotus, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Purple Waterlily]
Brings Light to the cellular level. Augments feeding energy to the etheric body, raising the basic vibratory rate over time. Useful in chakra clearing, spiritual transformation and regeneration of subtle bodies.
Psyche: Burns through issues in emotional life holding one back from the opportunity to transform and transmute. Brings great peace and healing to the emotional body, allowing one to release quickly those things willing to fall away.
Spirit: Brings nourishment to the Light Body for greatly accelerated change; steps up the vibratory rate to approach levels related to 4D reality, facilitating and augmenting development of the Light Body in meditation. Enhances closer contact with the Higher Self and inner guides.
     Ingest daily before meditation, over a period of months; this allows overall transformation of the physical body into greater refinement to be a constant, steady progress.

[Caladium, California Butterweed, Japanese Knotweed, Vanilla Orchid, Hellebore, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Lettuce, Peach, Shasta Lily, Dendrobium Orchid]
Useful for damaged nervous systems: accelerates healing of nerve ganglia, protects and augments neuronic sheaths. Facilitates physical and energetic healing of nervous system through detoxification of heavy metals and other environmental toxins, rebuilding neuronic pathways where possible. Speeds healing and regeneration in cases of nerve damage from accident or injury.
     Useful also in degenerative diseases of the nervous system; it cannot prevent degeneration but will slow the advance. Ayahuasca and Western Columbine essences are recommended for this work, in consort with other individualized remedies.
     Most degenerative diseases are karmic and need to be responded to on soul levels before progress in healing can be made; but this remedy will facilitate motor response and slow the advance of disease while one is pursuing healing on karmicand soul levels.

[Disappointing Buttercup, Four O'Clock, Shrimp Plant, Yucca]
Addresses PMS on behavioral levels: acknowledge and accommodate biorhythmic patterns, take care of self during cyclic downtime without compromising others' needs for nurturing, consideration, respect. Consider the self important enough to nurture and respect one's own needs: balances extreme energy loss, assists clean communication with friends and family. Supports energetic rebalance of PMS "blow-outs:" clears and dissipates accumulated rage and disbelief in one's support system. Take for several days at first signs of PMS.

['Physical-Energetic Cleansing,' 'Restoring B-C Balance*,' Large-Flowered Monkeyflower, Harvest Brodiaea, Saguaro, Rudbeckia, Forget-Me-Not, Kanooka, Jacaranda, Queen Anne's Lace, Fremontia, 'Environmental Sensitivity,' Pampas Grass, Vega Star Elixir*]
Assists comprehension of higher truths, including those within the scientific domain. Use wherever inquiring minds seek to find new answers and solutions, from networking to heal planetary environmental and political discord, to personal problem-solving and expansion of options. Opens one to personal and planetary guidance, opening the mind to new and better options; provides resource support in those with concern for planetary/environmental changes and their own place in the solution-formation. Sprayed in classrooms, boardrooms, work environments and schools, it expands perception of the unity of shared ideals and goals, to help further the one-point focus of a group-mind in positive problem-solving and option choices. Encourages cooperation, sharing of information and resources to pursue a common ideal and goal; ideally used among all members of think-tanks, problem-solving committees. Dispels distrust, animosity, disdain of other information sources and methodologies; leaves the mind more open to new concepts and abstractions.

[Yacu Piri-Piri, Ti, A'ali'i, Wattle, Wild Tobacco, Pennyroyal, Pua Keni-Keni, 'North']
Enhances inner self-esteem, leaving one less vulnerable to others. Strengthens psychic-energetic forces to effectively repel negative energies from others. When one's own sense of self is strengthened, one can more ably choose whether or how much to incorporate to oneself another's energies; we then have less "hooks" with which to be engaged.

[Optical Calcite, 'Cessation of Old Ideas and Emotions*,' Copal, Fomalhaut Star Elixir*, Pua Keni-Keni, 'Medicine Wheel Angel,' Opium Poppy, Ololiuqui, Vanilla Orchid, 'Body Clear and Release,' 'Angel of Panther Springs,' 'Angel of Kanahena']
Assists physical release of exaggerated response to addictive substances.
Psyche: Helps release addictions to substances, foods, habits and coping mechanisms. Impacts emotional-psychological components contributing to the problem; encourages emotional maturity and release from prior patterns.
Spirit: Addresses the spiritual implications of being cut off from one's Source, and acts to remedy that by enhancing the connection to one's spiritual path. Enhances spiritual aspects of addiction release, including making amends to those harmed by one's actions; the desire and intention to refrain from further self-destruction; and psychic support to avoid being unduly influenced by others.
     Addictions are a classic case of unwillingness to address core emotional issues. Defined as "an external process obscuring an inner one," clearing and releasing addictive patterns is as much or more a psychological issue as physical. One must first be comfortable within one's own incarnation and its lessons; one must also find right relationships to food, sex, and other pleasurable stimuli; and most importantly, one must find a proper connection to one's spiritual source and inner guidance, without which release of addictions is virtually impossible.

[Celosia plumosa, Pachystachys lutea]
Releases limitations as hindrances; see them rather as obstacles to be overcome. Especially useful for depression anchored in hopelessness, fatigue, mental exhaustion, feeling stretched beyond one's capacities to endure. Stills the mind, releases worry and concern over inconsequential matters to comprehend the bigger picture, including appreciation of all good things, events and people. Contradicts despair, pessimism, cynical viewpoint on life; opens one to a greater good, positive use of imagination for problem-solving, exploration of new options, and potential for good outcome in current circumstances. Useful in problem-solving, emotional difficulties, the search for new options.

'SOLSTICE GEM'[Gem Combination #8]
[Pink Sapphire, Yellow Diamond, cut and uncut Clear Diamond]

[elixir prepared by Amerinda Alpern, 6/1992, on Mt. Shasta, California, USA]
Spirit: Reconnects, empowers Starseed to manifest the soul's mission via stimulating soul memory, inspiring larger desires of the psyche to put oneself into service to the Most High and the planet. Prioritizes which aspects are serving the unfolding, and which need to be released as deterrents or blocks to the mission.
     In working with this remedy, it is possible to directly contact the multi-dimensional beings who are part of your own team for personal context of overall mission: what are your duties and relationships to this work?

[Hibiscus, New Guinea Creeper, Water Hyacinth, Cherry, Amethyst Gem, Yellow Foxglove, Pineapple, Maui Light Body, Ruby Gem, Caladium]
Assists concentration to expand the physical body's expression of Light, love and joy, thus embodying the divine influx of energies. Opens heart, brow and sexual chakras for reception of harmonious energies from partner; augments ecstatic states for connubial bliss. Useful in context of spiritualizing sexuality—a gift from higher realms, and opportunity for joy into the physical body, which stimulates meridians and nerves to access and accommodate greater Light into the etheric body. Impacts chakras to assimilate extra energetic amperage, facilitate flow of energies encompassing the tantric couple. Take 4-7 drops together, 5-10 minutes before beginning tantric play.
Psyche: Enhances joy in sexual communion; deepens significance of sexual act to include profound synergy on energetic levels. Harmonizes energetic vortices to access deep transformational states of bliss; assists bonding between lovers for exploring altered states of expansion and joy. Supports commonality of purpose and intention in tantric sexuality, charges chakra system for tantric sexual practices; both partners use for greatest benefit.

[Crepe Ginger, Society Garlic, Douglas' Campion, Four O'Clock, Miniature Rose, Dahlia, Pomegranate, Purple Granadilla, Pink Protea, Motherwort, Dwarf Onion, Monstera]
Empowering to women on many levels; also for men. Useful in threshold experiences: menarche, leaving home, maturation/adulthood, major changes in family systems. Brings greater alignment of intuition with will, to discern appropriate action in unusual circumstances. Affects the wisdom-body for healthy decisions; empowers menopausal women to step into their power as community elders and guides.
Spirit: Strengthens ego forces for development of personality in alignment with soul's purpose; enhances self-esteem, self-actualization. Harmonizes personality with social environment, that one may be more present and interactive in a healthy manner.

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