This type of remedy is made with conscious cooperation from the energetic presence
and pattern of higher-dimensional, etheric beings who offer their loving energies
in assistance to the planetary healing and transformation.


Spirit: Creates a direct third-eye opening to access information regarding one's destiny and necessary guidance thereof. Useful in situations of information-gathering on subtle levels (Akashic Records, the Celestial Library, etc.); also useful for issues of personal guidance. In retreat, imbibe the remedy and ask for what you want; in stillness and solitude will be found the answers.
     This remedy contains the energy of a being not from Earth, here in context as a guide for those Starseed struggling to remember their Source.


     The intention of this series of angelic energies is to acknowledge that although what we have defined as God is the deepest Oneness possible, there are many facets of this Oneness and many qualities which can be called Divine Attributes, or qualities of Spirit; and these qualities are found within the psyches of authentically spiritual people.
     These essences of angelic energies were created solely by cooperation with angelic realms, and contain no "earthly" energies besides the water/ brandy which serves as the physical medium within which to hold the frequencies.

     When one knows that all one needs and all one desires are already here and already at hand, then one begins to understand the qualities of All-Sufficiency. There is nothing more that we need than what is given to us. There is nothing that stands in the way between our communion with the Divine. All that we desire from our highest intentions and greatest and deepest urges are all imminently available to us, spread out almost as a banquet for the psyche and soul to indulge.
     The answer to the All-Sufficing is the answer to the question: "What do I need? What must I do to receive this? What do I owe?" "It is enough," is the response; what you have is enough. This creates the psychological atmosphere of feeling content with what one has. Contentment takes the form of a rich, sweet, peace and good-natured harmony within the psyche which allows one to express this quality of all-sufficing to others.
     When one is in service to another, as a parent or friend or employer, this quality of all-sufficing can manifest within the psyche as the ability to be present and available for another in terms of what their deepest soul is asking for. We may not be able to stand on our hands for the other person, but we will be able to infuse their own energies with the divine attribute of All-Sufficiency: we have all that we need, there is nothing more that we need, and we can be content with what has been given us.

     The quality of Forgiveness, as defined by the mystics, is understood to be a field of energy: a vibrational vortex wherein the rust that one has accrued upon the psychic heart through the nature of guilt, shame, humiliation can all be wiped away through the process of Forgiveness. The state of forgiving and forgiveness is omni-directional; once we are bathing within the soothing, omnipotent and universal Forgiveness, we realize that the omni-directional quality of Forgiveness allows us to forgive ourselves, forgive each other, forgive our own humiliations and shames, and even forgive our own misunderstanding of the actions of karma and other ways of the Divine Guidance.

     The qualities of Divine Guidance are such that whatever one knows, whatever one sees, whatever one is exposed to, there runs a thread through the soul, like a string through a maze that can take us from our Source through the entire journey and back to the Source again.
     For those who feel lost, wandering the maze of human existence, the divine attribute of Guidance can be your dearest friend. It can be the anchor, the compass, the ground from which you step forth more confidently. Divine Guidance can manifest itself in the form of whispers in the mind, intuitive leanings and hunches, opportunities, doors opening, connections made, people met, environments encouraged, books brought into your life, teaching lessons delivered to your doorstep as it were. All of these aspects of Divine Guidance can be encouraged through the use of this remedy.
     This remedy can be especially useful for those who feel lost, who feel that they have no anchor or pole star with which to orient and define themselves in this world. When searching for guidance, there is always the potential to be led astray by less than luminous, or less than purest intentions within ourselves.
     It is inherent within the human nature to crave, desire and seek guidance. There is another quality within human nature that can recognize clear guidance. This remedy stimulates this ability to ascertain purity of intent in guidance coming through other beings, that we may not so easily fall into traps of confusion or labyrinthine meanderings which may eventually lead nowhere. The quality of Divine Guidance leads us ever closer to the source of the Great Mystery, a new light. This one creates an impact very subtly in the third eye with a concomitant resonance all around the crown chakra, and the entire top of the head.

     We find, in the realms of human nature, a need for the sense of Hope, of believing that things are and can be better than they currently appear. As in the myth of Pandora's Box, it is revealed that throughout and underneath all pains, evils and "sins," there is to be found this essential nature of assumption and belief in Goodness, in living one's dreams with the supposition that our actions and presence on the planet does matter; this connection to the Source is possible through the Attribute of Hopefulness. Where one has given up Hope, one has given up on Life. So we see that Hope is as necessary to the human heart and nature as breath is to the body. When one has lost this sense of Hope, one becomes a victim of cynicism: what the theologian Matthew Fox has called "a social disease. . . the inability to imagine something better."
     With the presence of Hope, all things become more easily endured; with its Presence, the heart is softened and one feels ready to take on the next obstacle/ opportunity. This is the gift of Hope: that one may always find a reason to go on, conitinue, endure, and remain faithful to the Most High; as such, Hope is a high gift for the people, and those who can inspire this Hope are heroes indeed.

     There are verses in the Quran where divinity is expressed as Light, upon Light*. There are places in the Torah and in the Kabbala where they speak of HaShem, God in the Attribute of the Divine Resonance, also translated as Glory. When Light is understood to be a frequency, one can begin to see the resonance of Glory. This has been portrayed in icons of saints and spiritual masters as a halo of light around the head. These crude renderings hold a great truth: that the illuminated ones are indeed the prophets of the Divine, they are indeed speaking the words that the Divine is calling forth, they are walking in a path of Light, leading to a path of greater Light. And within these realms of Light, all beings enhance the sense of their luminosity.
     This remedy can be used vibrationally in places where one feels dark, cluttered, disturbed — mentally or emotionally, where one feels caught, bound by the denseness of the Earth. This essence called Light can help release those bounds, open the doors and windows of the psyche and soul for more Light to pour through.
     As a counteractive remedy for depression, for isolation, for spiritual darkness it is worthy. And for those already in a state of general blessing, this remedy can be used to enhance the development of the ability to hold Light within the cellular structures of the body, within the mental structures of the psyche, and within the illuminated multi-dimensional structures of the soul. Light upon Light upon Light—this is the call from the Stars; this is the call of the original hymn of Creation. In Genesis, it was said there was darkness until the Divine Word said, "Let there be light;" and this Light was the Hashem. And this Light is within, between and beyond all beings and all things; it is more about Light, a Light in the darkness, a lamp that leads the way, a Light that is the Way. And all those that walk this path, that progress on this path, become illuminated on all levels from cellular to cosmic. This is the meaning of the Divine Attribute of Light: that we become as magnetically luminous beacons for others to follow. It allows us to harmonize with and attune to other beings who are manifesting this Light, whether in physical form or beyond.
     *Surah XXIV: 35: ". . . Light upon Light, Allah guideth unto His Light whom He will."

     Many people consider Peace to be the cessation of pain or stress. We would say it is far more than that, that this place so many people are content to remain at and call peace is really the beginning, the starting point, for what the Bible has called "the Peace with which passeth understanding." The quality of Peace is to know within oneself the balance and harmony of the Tao of the Universe; to feel oneself unfolded, embraced, and cradled within this beauteous balance.
     Peace pours into the heart, and yet is not a product of the heart. Peace is manifest through the glands and through the magnetism of the hands and the aura in general, but it is not a property of any of these. Peace is a vast resonant field in which we live and move and have our being. Peace with passeth understanding percolates beyond the qualities of the psyche, beyond the processes of the physical, and extends deeply and purely into the spiritual world from whence we come. This quality of Peace can envelop the very molecules of our being with a resonance within which is encoded the ability to cosmically mutate into new forms of evolution, if you will. It is only within the context of pure Divine Peace that the next stages of evolution can occur freely and widely throughout the planet. When humanity embraces as a race and species the divine attribute of Peace, then all the building blocks will be in place for the next step in human evolution.

     Praise uplifts the heart. Resentment, regret, and irritation are densities upon the heart which hold it down. The best and ultimate contradiction for negativity is Praise. If we can find but one thing to praise in our condition, we will find that all the other factors of our condition are lessened and lightened, that the burdens we carry may not be so dense and difficult. In the manifestation of Praise is an upliftment of the heart, an illumination and opening of the soul. When one remains in a state of Praise, all the cellular responses in the physical body can align to this frequency.
     There is an image in the Bible of the morning stars all calling together in Praise to the Most High, as a divine choir singing. And in the studies of Light, we will find this to be physically as well as metaphysically true. All the qualities of Praise manifest in the physical body and psyche. The detritus of the cellular metabolism is cleared and released more swiftly, that the cells are unburdened by this detritus or limitation. The emotional heart is raised when we find a quality that we can praise within ourselves, or within others, or within creation. It is not a coincidence or a fairy tale that the angels around the throne of the Most High sing praises all day and night. This is the nature of the Universe that has been uncorrupted by the experiment called Free Will in this corner of this galaxy. In choosing to adopt a paradigm of free will, we freely gave up the quality of constant Praise. The innermost psyche of every human somewhere knows this, and we find it difficult to be satisfied; we tend to want to complain, to note and spend excessive amounts of energies pointing out the imperfections of the perfection of Creation. With the qualities of Praise, all these imperfections and limiting judgments, are lifted up and dissipated like dew in the morning sun.
     This could indeed be an analogy: that as criticism and negativity dampens the spirit, so Praise illuminates and raises and elevates the spirit. This quality alone would be enough to justify the existence of the Divine Attribute of Praise; however, praise echoes beyond and into all the levels and all the dimensions of Creation. Indeed, the higher one desires to go in the dimensions of Creation, the more dense and strong will be the song of Praise in the ethers.

     When we find ourselves with psychological burden in the heart — perhaps we have been holding on to a negative experience of any kind, or a past experience; or we're holding onto a negative expectation of the future, of ourselves, of our friends, of our circumstances, of our environment — all of this holding on creates a tension and stress in the psyche and soul which makes it difficult to let go and release. This is where the Divine Attribute of Relenting comes in. Relenting is to let it go. Relenting is to say, "Yes, this may still be in my life, but I refuse to give it much more power over me. When this issue, environment or person comes into my life, if I cannot forgive, I can at least relent."
     Forgiveness is best offered to those who ask it. For situations or environments that have been stressful, and for people who have been deliberately putting stress upon our psyches without apology or even the sense that they have done anything wrong, forgiveness is not the key here. Forgiveness can only truly happen in the context of a person who has asked for it. But what we can do, instead of forgiving, is to let it go. It's not a forgetting — the phrase forgive and forget — this is not it exactly. We are saying, "I cannot forgive this action, most usually because you have not apologized; but I can let it go. I cannot forget this action, this environment, this situation; but I can let it go."
     And thus each time this energy or situation may percolate back in to the consciousness, it is easily dismissed with the sense of Relenting. If we tend to be the type of person who pushes others beyond their desire to shift, or even their capacity to shift, the quality of Relenting may be useful within us that we may let go the need to push others, just as we ask to be released of their need to push us. When one has been driven by obsession, neurosis, extremes of emotion, such as rage or fear, Relenting can be useful as it allows one to set aside these energies, and embrace the quality of letting it flow and letting it go.

     What is the difference between a flower and a diamond? They are both beautiful, but one endures. This is the quality of Strength. When we need to endure difficulties, Strength is needed. When we need to push through to the next level, the next realm of the inner psyche, Strength is needed. When we need to give up or release addictions to substances, situations, or even people, Strength is needed. To be able to call upon the Divine Attribute of Strength is to be able to call to oneself the attributes of temperance, tolerance, and indeed of forgiveness for others. Without inner Strength, forgiveness may look like surrender. When one chooses to forgive an environment, a situation, or a person from a place of Strength, then one has already mastered the environment and the situation. This quality of Strength may be useful for struggling with a difficult karmic load, when placed into a challenging environment that might easily pull one off-center.
     Divine Strength is the attraction of the molecules to each other, to combine and create form. If the attraction were weak, the molecules could not hang together and create matter and all the physical properties of the Universe; thus Strength is an essential aspect of the Divine Mind and its Creation. To align ourselves with the quality of Strength is to add to our psychological/ spiritual tool kit the ability to endure, tolerate, forgive, overlook, see beyond; a higher perspective, overview and personal power.
     Personal power that is not in alignment with the Divine is no power at all. There may be qualities of personal magnetism, but if these qualities are anchored in the ego, they will fade; they can be overcome. Even the mightiest empires have fallen. But if one aligns oneself within the Tao, one can find the Strength to endure, to change, to modify, to reflect, to submit. It takes a lot of personal power to be willing to submit all that personal power to the Hand of the Most High. This is the quality of Strength.

     Also defined as Propitious, or Favorable.
     We tend to believe that we have found our right place when we feel welcomed by it, whether this is a physical, psychosocial, or a spiritual realm. We tend to feel at home and comforted and embraced by the Divine; these are the qualities of Welcoming.
     When one has a sense of isolation, of loss, of disconnectedness to one's own world physically, socially or culturally, the Divine Attribute of Welcoming can enhance the sense of connection and of right place/ right time that is required to feel at peace with one's incarnation. Welcoming is a Divine Attribute that can be manifest in the human psyche, where it is considered a great virtue: generosity, magnanimity, generous hosting, these are all qualities of Welcoming. If one is struggling with the dearth of these qualities, the essence can be helpful in bringing in this resonance within the morphic field. If one has already an abundance of Welcoming, one can consider that there is no end of the growth of this quality. This quality extends from the tiniest molecule to the vastest galaxies. And as a Divine Prayer, it touches the hearts of all beings to say, right time/ right place/ right resonance/ right being; you are home. Welcome home. This Universe is your home, and you are a part of the Divine Family; and as such, you are Welcome.
     Anyone with difficulties in perceiving this and experiencing it within the very cells of their body will be well served in spending a couple of weeks in resonance with this remedy. The songs the Angels sing are Welcome songs. The sunlight on the water is a poem of Light, called Welcoming. This Welcoming invites the mystical heart into the deepest communion with the Divine Beloved who stands with open arms, ready to embrace all that you bring.

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