Hummingbird Remedies

Welcome to Hummingbird Remedies, a collection of new flower essences and other vibrational remedies for transformation and healing.

News: The Hummingbird Remedies book is now available for sale.

Hummingbird Remedies is now taking orders again.
Orders for 5+ remedies will be given priority; orders for less than 5 remedies will be shipped as time allows.

This website contains our catalog of essences of flowers, gems, Angelic Energies, and formulas to support balance of body, psyche and spirit. This collection represents over a decade of research, experimentation and feedback from hundreds of clients who have been using these remedies with great success.

We invite you to explore these listings and consider how they may be helpful to you and your clients.
Please contact us with any questions or feedback.

The website is laid out in various sections. If you are new to vibrational remedies, please start with our introductory pages. Other sections include a listing of over 200 flower and rose essences; a handful of gem elixirs; numerous formulas, and a new section on Angelic Energies. Please also consider checking out our research section.

On behalf of myself and my team of angelic advisors, we wish you the best in healing and transformation; and also, a world free and pure from sorrow, pain and delusion.

Yours in service to the Real,

Ouapiti Robintree

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